How to Clean Your Guitar Frets




Introduction: How to Clean Your Guitar Frets

I recently refinished a guitar Ive been workin on for my daughter, and as a part of the process, i had to clean the frets, figured I might throw this on here for some folks that might not know the best process.

Step 1: Preperation

First thing, clean the freatboard good so the tape will stick, then youll want to apply the tape, I use painters tape myself because it will not stick to well and wont pull up the varnish. Youll have to cut the tape to fit for the tighter frets, cover the fret board with the tape so that there hugging the rim of the frets, also cover up the wood finish as well so you will not scratch the finish. Next your going to want to get some medium grade steel wool, scrub gently till you get a shine, dont scrub too hard or else you will wear down the fret and that will tremendously effect your sound

Step 2: Finishing

After you got all your frets all shiny and pretty, carefully peel off the painters tape, i like to run a hot washcloth over the board to loosen up the tape a little bit, may not do much but thats part of my method, Also be sure to SLOWLY pull off the tape so you dont pull off the finish. I know this is a very short peice but I hope it helps a few of you out there, Thanks for reading



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