How to Clean Your Laptop Screen





Introduction: How to Clean Your Laptop Screen

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It's just 5 minutes and you can get a clean screen ;)

Step 1: Watch the Video

This also helps to keep the dust away!

Step 2: #1

Pull out the charger cable and shut down your laptop

Step 3: #2

Mix regular white vinegar and clear water (50%-50%)
Take a soft cloth and moisten in the mixture

Step 4: #3

Squeeze out the cloth really well!!!

Clear the screen but try not to push so hard it can brake your screen!

Step 5: The End

That's simple :)

Step 6: Don't Forget to Watch the Video

As always thanks for your support!



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    Vinegar is a sour substance, meaning that this would bite into the screen. Also water contains scale (forgive me if my english is not correct) and this can also do damage to your screen.

    Preventative maintenance tip: turn your head when you sneeze. ☺

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    The dust for me is the problem. Plus for people that have cats (I do not but I have friends that do) you get fur and dandruff (hope that is spelt right) everywhere.