Introduction: How to Clean Your Old Kodak Dualflex II

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Everybody knows,all the olds TLR after a couple of decades,gets dusty and the lenses appears all blurry....if you want to make your old TLR shiny like brand new this is your place!

Step 1: What You Need:

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For proceed you need:

- A cross screwdriver
- Surgical spirit,methyl or a simple glass cleaner
- Blotting paper
- A soft cloth

Step 2: Remove the Screws

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Remove the 4  front screws around lenses(image 1),the 3 screws under the camera(image 2) and the 4 screws around the viewfinder(image 3) in order to disassemble the body

Step 3: Dismantle

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Dismantle the body,beeing sure that all the seal gaskets remains intact then extract the viewfinder and its gasket

Step 4: Clean

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clean the lenses,the mirror and the viewfinder with the methyl and the blotting paper,taking care of drying-up well the whole thing.
Clean the body with a wet cloth paying attention to NOT wet the gaskets.
In all the procedures is better that you don't touch the shutter gears,and not wet it at all

Step 5: Reassemble

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Reassemble all taking care of not leave fingerprints on the glasses out of reach once the camera is entire anew


ninja slacker (author)2010-07-06

dont forget the blotters;)

edit"blotting paper"...and METHYL...

Throw the viewfinder (author)2010-07-06

kodak dualflex camera ain't got any electronics,like the most of brownie camera,and by the way meth do not damage the electronics...

You're right, of course, but you're responding to a 'joke' that fell flat due to the language differences. I believe the Meth you're using is methyl _____ (several different chemicals, mostly solvent types) used to clean film products or almost anything. In the US, Meth refers to a drug. Re-design got the joke, but sorry if you thought I was claiming your -able would harm these cameras. Clean away!

yes you're right but you know,words that i don't know i got to search on a online dictionary...when i found meth i made miself some doubt...and i was right... P.S.:it's good to see that you are a kind person and not a frustrated 13 y.o. kid on yahoo answer

Re-design (author)2010-07-06

Nice job. I personally think that this camera was underrated in it's life. They are still available on Ebay for very little money.

i agree,i bought mine for 5 $ on ebay,but the shipping for italy is too expensive...i think that this camera was not so much appreciated for the unvariable focus...

Re-design (author)2010-07-06

It's not THAT kind of meth.

Culturespy (author)2010-07-06

Thats great! I have about a half dozen of these and love it when I see other people using them. While you can re-spool film yourself if that's not something you'd like to try you can also get film for "obsolete cameras from

personally i don't like to respool,it's boring...i trim the 120 spool to fit in the 620

mrmath (author)2010-07-06

Wow! I wouldn't have thought you could get film for something like this! You must develop it yourself, right?

i think that you mean that the new 120 format unfit the old 620 cameras(english is not my home language),well there's a lot of tutorials for adapt the 120 for 620 camera:

 but if you have a dualflex the up-down layout of the roll allow you to make that cool mod:
 for get an image like this:

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Bio: I born and live actually in Italy,so my homespeaking is not the english and please be kind if i made some mistakes with it....
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