Picture of How to climb up walls
http://www.instructables.com/community/English-Spiderman-climbs-walls-with-vacuum-cleaner/ is a youtube video on how to climb up a wall. But it doesn't show step by step on how to do it. This instructable is to show the step by step plans necessary to climb up a wall. Since I am only 12, my spelling and grammar might be bad. At the end, I spent around $15.
               I would recommend watching the youtube video before reading the rest of this instructable.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

There are a few materials needed because this instructable is rather an easy one. However every material is important. The pictures below show most of the materials.
         2 vacuums (preferably handheld or canister because they are light)
         2 tubes that can fit from a vacuum to a vacuum glove 
         6 by 1/2 screws with washers 
         2 pieces of wood, the larger the area, the more weight it can hold( but be careful, the wood can get very heavy )
         rubber to fit around the piece of wood
         2 handles
                              Most of the materials can be found at Lowes.

Step 2: Get the wood ready

Picture of Get the wood ready
            I started by cutting the four corners off my two pieces of wood because I didn't have enough rubber to go all around the wood. Then, draw lines where the rubber is going to go because you must make sure the hole, where you put the tube from the vacuum, doesn't go through the area where the rubber is. The hole can be hard to get perfect but try as hard as you can to not get chunks of the wood around the hole messy. I used a drill piece (see picture) to get the hole almost perfect.
          You can then drill the handles in.

Step 3: Get the rubber in

Picture of Get the rubber in
              The rubber is one of the hardest steps because it must be airtight with no mistakes. There are many ways to get the rubber in, but the one I used was I first screwed four screws in, then taped the outside.

Step 4: Connect the vacuum to the vacuum glove

Picture of Connect the vacuum to the vacuum glove
            All that you have to do now is to connect the tube to the hole that you made in the vacuum glove and to the vacuum. You can tape the outside of the vacuum glove hole to the tube so that it is airtight.

Step 5: Finish

Picture of Finish
Now you're done. Just some quick tips, don't use it for too long, be safe because you can accidently turn the vacuum off and it will fall with you , and ask any questions that you have at the bottom.

                                                   Thank you!
blackboard4 years ago
thats not how to climb up wallls i wall walk its eeasier
Football viking boy (author)  blackboard4 years ago
wall walk??????????????
sorta u have two walls ok make sure u can put ur feet on them and thats how i do it
Football viking boy (author)  blackboard4 years ago
oh yeah i have done that before, this only uses one wall
u can be ninga and use one waal no tools
_Scratch_4 years ago
would you think some thin plexi-glass would work? I would bet it would be lighter, and wouldn't really wear too much
Football viking boy (author)  _Scratch_4 years ago
it should work
Is that rubber pipe insulation.
There really is no extra insulation you need to put anywhere. The "rubber pipe" I think you are looking at is just tubing that connects the vacuum to the vacuum glove.
No I mean the rubber on the bottom so it will not slide down the wal
Yes, the bottom of it is pipe insulation. Sorry. I just went to the store and grabed it without knowing .
sugarhi9115 years ago
whatd you use for the rubber it looks like bike inner tube
Football viking boy (author)  sugarhi9115 years ago
The rubber is for friction. You can use a bike wheel, but it may be more expensive than the rubber I used that was $3.
what rubber did you use?
Sorry it took sooooooo long. The rubber was pipe insulation. It isn't the best rubber because it isn't really rubber. There are a lot better options. I just wanted to go for the cheapest.
Guii5 years ago
how do you climb? i mean, how do you get it out of the wall and stick it again?
Climbing is something you would do when you have two vacuums.

Getting it off the wall is rather easy, turn the vacuum off.

So if you want to climb walls you should make two of these and put the power buttons of each vacuum on the wood itself. That way you can turn it on and off with your hand.

so climbing would go like, attatch one to the wall by putput it a little higher. then the second one and so on....

Lol , much simplest : just make a hole on the wood and insect a air Switch . Switch ON= no suction Switch OFF = Suction
Football viking boy (author)  hitachi84 years ago
Awesome idea
yeah that's what i thought, thanks mate
Your welcome :)
Football viking boy (author)  Guii5 years ago
Exactly what MichelMoermans said. These vacuums were my grandmas so I didn't want to take the power switch off and extend it. If they would have been my own vacuums, I would extend the switch and wrap it around around the tubing. Then screw the power switch from each vacuum to each vacuum glove, right next to the handle. Thanks for the question!
19charbel965 years ago
very cool instructable!!!!!!!!!! :)
awsome!!!!  i am 12 too!  i am very impressed,! 5 *'s faved and subbed!
Wolf Seril5 years ago
Not at all what I was expecting, but very cool.