Picture of How to clone yourself in Photoshop
by the way this is my first instructable so please only constructive critisism and no destructive critisism. thank you.

So for this instructable you will need:
Adobe Photoshop ( any version will work )
A Digital Camera ( or a webcam )

you could also use a tripod ( optional )
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Step 1: Open up Photoshop

Picture of Open up Photoshop
ok. so first open up photoshop. but dont open up a new file yet!
now if you are using a digital camera go to step 3.
if you are going to use a webcam go to step 2.

Step 2: WebCam

Picture of WebCam
Now then. webcam users.
For people with macs:
luckily for you, you have it easy. all you need to do is open up photobooth.
For people with windows:
open up your pictute taking software (of your choice) and proceed to step 3.

Step 3: Take the Photos

Picture of Take the Photos
now we take the photos.
if you are using a webcam keep it in the same position at all times and use your picture taking software to take 2 or more photos of yourself in different positions.
if you are using a digital camera just normally take 2 or more photos of you standing in a different positions

i suggest taking 2 photos instead of 3 or more like i have done; and also having them both apart from each other like explained in notes because its much easier and alot less hassle.

Step 4: Getting photos ready

Picture of Getting photos ready
now you get your photos ready like so. if you have 2 photos this does not matter but if you have 3+ it does. first look at the photos , its easier if they are next to each other, Find the one with you furthest back. that is your starting photo. next find the one with you next in position from the back, that is your second photo. and so on so forth until all your photos have been mentally, or physically, noted down in a position.
rockmi1 year ago
so easyyy and so great..thanks mate as i always wondered how it was done when i was a kid...you rock!
synapse52 years ago
Here is another solution how to clone yourself in a photo without photoshop:
I'm a Photoshop fan and of course a user. This will be great.
me 2
velcrocadet4 years ago
Thanks so much for posting this! Here is my clone pic
trouble015 years ago
IT's Great!!
how making so
please add a video by youtube....
spikemp (author)  trouble015 years ago
Glad you liked it, I was considering making a video on it. I have since found an easier method of doing it aswell.
Morriscow5 years ago
 to join the two you can use the panorama joining thing
fwjs285 years ago
can't you just place both picture over each other and set the top most layer to overlay? 
This is a picture that my sister and I made
jimmyb0nz6 years ago
I don't have a tripod, only a cam phone. but it still came out cool. I didn't have a camera when the original instructable came out, so I forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder.
Multiple Me.jpg2me.jpg2Jays.jpg
i have that t-shirt
LOVE THE SWEATER!!! "no i will not fix your computer"
make things6 years ago
dude im in like this one class and they teach you like how to do that photoshop thingy. it was totally cool
amakerguy6 years ago
here is the one I made...
cloning copy.jpg
Hey, thanks for your help!
Here's my entry: http://sonnyhemkar.deviantart.com/art/Clone-me-114685649
Dvldogg056 years ago
So how did you manage the ones that overlap?
spikemp (author)  Dvldogg056 years ago
it's a bit more complicated but i used the magic wand to select the background then delete it.
You can also do this in Paint. Just take 3 pictures (make sure you don't move the camera) and then just overlap them all. Nicely done job though. +5/5 stars.
gmjhowe6 years ago
i suggest separating step 6 into at least 5 different steps, Its a good ible, but it looks like you either got bored, or couldnt be bothered. On the last photo in step six, you go straight from half a person to a full person without explaining what you have done at all. I know its your first ible, and im not being mean, im just pointing out that this needs alot more work. (btw, i actually work as a graphic designer using these programs everyday, and i struggled to follow it)
gmjhowe gmjhowe6 years ago
also, upon further reading, why do you need the dragon stopmotion software? i fail to see the need for this at all. Mac users can just use photobooth, and windows webcams come with picture taking software.
spikemp (author)  gmjhowe6 years ago
oh. i didnt know that. as you probably guessed i don't have windows. thanks for telling me.