Introduction: How to Clone Yourself the Easy Way

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i saw cemical reactions clone effect then i figured out another way (i still use CR's way though)
please subcribe
UPDATE: i just figured out that this is on you tube, but i didnt get this off of youtube i thought of it myself.

Step 1: Get Your Pictures/videos

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heres my two (make sure that the object does not cross the middle)

Step 2: The Next Step

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open WAX 2.0 (freeware) and goto Project>Add Media files once youve inserted your media drag them onto the time line

Step 3: Last Part

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goto "Veiw>Plugin Presets" then click "VL Split Screen" the side. once youve clicked this click "Split Screen Right" dag it onto the top pic/vid then your done


Chicken2209 (author)2009-07-02

no final product?

animan1 (author)Chicken22092009-07-03

Sure ill add right now. (but there the final in the pic

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