How to Code Notepad Message





Introduction: How to Code Notepad Message

It is no a really coding, but it will foll anyone who installs pirate games and software rare (this type of hiding is used to hide keys and serials, but I don't know why). Sorry on grammar mistakes. Lets get started!

Step 1: Open the Notepad and Write Message

This is a easy step. for those who don't know-Start-all programs-accessories-notepad. Then write a message.

Step 2: Open the Save As...

Go file-save as... and when window pop-ups in File name write ~.nfo ~ is name of file, you can use windows (because nobody will mess whit windows). Save it somewhere.

Step 3: You Are Finished!

to open file right click-open whit-notepad!



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    Every time i see an .nfo file i'll open it with notepad now!

    well. what was the point of this? i made one of these that sounded an alert when you don't put the correct code in, but this, i could use anything like word and the result would the same, and blah blah blah etc.

    Well, Not really something I would use. There are too many actual encryption tools out there. Besides, when you try to just open a file like this, windows will probably cause an error and tell you it is corrupted, before opening the default ... I suppose if you like the hide in plain sight method you're good to go. Personally I like the truly encrypted method, then hide it in plain sight using something like truecrypt

    I joined your community to see the trick to this set of steps, I thought it was hidden! I had no idea, what you meant. I was expecting something like making an invisible file, like I do on the apple platform I use. How disappointing. Can I suggest taking this inane " How to Code notepad message" down, or actually teach us something useful. It makes you look like a chump, and I know you aren't. Wishing you well, 'ask412'

    so whats the point? anyone can view this anyway.

    yes, but they won't see real data, they will see just system info file


    The .nfo files you see in pirated software packages are actually meant to be viewed with an NFO viewer.

    They are not used to hide anything, but the ANSI/ASCII artwork doesnt show up as the original artist intended in windows notepad.

    The demoscence/crackerscene NFO file was around before microsoft decided to use the extension as well.

    Here is a little more information:
    Check google for other NFO viewers

    if you open them in notepad you will see key, serial and instructions how to install game


    yes, you are right! Its just an extended ascii file, so notepad has no problem displaying the basic characters, including your serials