Step 2: Under-over coiling

Picture of Under-over coiling
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For thicker wires you need to use under over coiling. This keeps the wire strait in its coil so twists cannot dammage the wire. You should use this for wire with more then one plug on the end, like looms. (I did not have a loom at the time so I have used a piece of rope instead)
Also, you will want to do under-over coiling on the floor if you have a large, delicate wire/loom. Begin with a normal twist loop to make a circle (make this as large as possible because tight coiling is not very good for the wire) Then you need to make a twist in the opposite direction and bring your hand behind the uppermost piece of wire. The image should make this more simple. Then do another normal coil and continue like this, normal, UO, normal, UO and so on. With large cables like looms secure the coil with PVC/electrical tape.