Introduction: How to Colect Finger Prints.

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Colect finger prints on your spy mission. That second picture the finger print but I have a bad camera so I'll just tell you that you can see the actual lines on the finger it's so cool.

Step 1: Get

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Get talcum powder or cornstarch for dark surfaces and coca powder for light surfaces. Also get a paint bursh for dusting.

Step 2: Dust

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Sprinkle the powder over a place where the prints are. Take the paint brush and dust it leveing the print exposed.

Step 3: Colect

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Press clear scotch tape over the print and gently lift. Press it onto a piece of paper (black or white depending on the color of the powder you used) and examine with a magnifying glass.


alex7street47 (author)2010-09-25

white powder coca.... COCAINE????!!
are you sure???

8bit (author)2009-02-02

have you actually tried it?

okoshima (author)8bit2009-02-03

tried it earlier can confirm it doesn't work altho there are a few other ways that do work... may make an ible on it

andrewdpham3 (author)okoshima2009-02-03

realy I just did it and it worked?! I put a picutre up but I have a bad camera; it's that light black spot in the middle the darker spots are because I dusted it.

andrewdpham3 (author)8bit2009-02-02

ill do 1st thing in the morning and get back to you.

okoshima (author)2009-02-02

This will probably not work, the powder is no where near fine enough for one, and would probably not stick to the residue left behind, even if it did it would be merely a fingertip sized blob

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