How to Colour Mx Carburettor Hoses


Introduction: How to Colour Mx Carburettor Hoses

I discovered this a few weeks ago and was stoked ,cos i didnt have to buy new hoses!
Its easy and cheap, and you can choose any colour you want!
What you'll need :

Fabric dye , i got mine from a sewing shop for $8.50NZD
Boiled water
A container

Sorry its a bit dirty :S

Step 1:

First of all boil the jug... once its boiled pour into the container and add a tablespoon or so of dye , or just so the water is dark.

Now put the hoses in to the water make sure they are covered and are full of the dye(no air in them)

Leave in the water till it has cooled, giving sufficient time for the dye to soak in .

*****I know my hoses are purple but ive dyed them already, im  just using them for demonstrative purposes *****

Step 2:

Now, when removing the hoses from the dye make sure you do it in a place where nothing will get stained.

You should now have nicely dyed hoses to add further blinganation to your ride.

Thanks for reading...



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    It's the simplest Instructables that are always the best. What's not to understand about this process?
    Well Done.