Introduction: How to Comb Your Hair Like a Real Man...

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Any self respecting geek, nerd, dork, reject, etc., should find this one very intriguing. The ladies love it, too.

It is... How to comb your hair with a processor.

Step 1: Find a Processor

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Find a processor and grasp it in your fingers. Do not let go, as you will need this for later steps. If you can not find a computer processor, tear one out of your local computer. Note that this may damage things.

Step 2: Comb

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Retrieve processor previously stored in your fingers. Move the processor to a place where you have hair. Often most places do not require combing. Place contacts of the processor into the hair, to rest on the skin that the hair grows out of. Pull back through the hair.

Step 3: Information

This is my third Instructable, second published. It is definitely meant as groundbreaking information.



stephenniall (author)2009-03-28

Microprocessors work Good with some lolly sticks glued to them as a handle

bowmaster (author)stephenniall2010-03-24

Why not glue on a RAM chip?

Robyntheslug (author)2007-03-10

Claiming someone elses' work as your own without citing a source is plagiarism, which is rather generally frowned upon.

I know you've now sourced it on the 3rd page, but few folks are going to get that far.

But I'm sure you have your own original instructables floating around in your head somewhere, let 'em out! =)

j626no (author)Robyntheslug2009-02-23

works cited pages are the last page of papers....

Crash2108 (author)Robyntheslug2007-03-10

I never did claim it as my own and the source has been there the whole time.
If people are going to insult, that should at least read the whole thing.

Robyntheslug (author)Crash21082007-03-10

I'm not meaning to insult you, just wanting to give you some information: I realize your instructable is a bit tongue-in-cheek. (and I did read it in its entirety) I'll give you a scenario: Bob re-posts some photographs that someone else took along with the idea for using them. Bob forgets to ask permission from the copyright owner to re-use the photographs and idea. Bob leaves his citation until the last frame. Bob is infringing on someone elses intellectual property rights... By reposting the photos and ideas Bob has inadvertently claimed that he has ownership of the material. Here's scenario 2: Bob sees an idea he likes on a site and wants to spread the love to instructables. He emails the owner of the material and the owner gives him permission to share the photos in a how to. Bob cites his source on page one with a name, date, website and licensing info if applicable. No one gives Bob trouble because they can tell he is respecting the rights of the copyright owner. I think if this had happened the second way no one would have made much in the way of negative comments. A lot of folks here have had their intellectual property straight up stolen at one time or another and this probably bothered them especially. By all means, get permission to use the material. And please do post more original instructables. I think folks here would all show a lot more appreciation for that.

Like A Man? no one combs thier hair any more. it's all a mop!

Agreed :D

jongscx (author)2007-11-25

unfortunately, I use the Socket LGA 775, and those are ZIF procs... so no pins for me.

place name here- (author)2007-10-06

Nice idea i took the thing that a hard drive plugs in to a comp and it worked amazingly wlll

hack124x768 (author)2007-05-17

I've been doing this for years. Its good at making hair nice and bouncy, :)

Silverifle (author)2007-03-23

awesome dude! I have one but I dont have a camera, so I used some pics from the computer. Anyway thanks for the advice.

Weissensteinburg (author)2007-03-15

All you said was "
Image" in the last page. First of all, you didn't site that the idea wasn't yours either. And apparently you didn't read Robyn's post, because, like she said, you should, at the beginning, state who's ideas and pictures they are, and they you got permission to use them.

Also, I've noticed this is in the pop sci contest. I believe one of the requirements of the contest is "originality"

LasVegas (author)2007-03-09

Not only the image sources, but the entire concept from AfroTechMods.

SirGrok (author)LasVegas2007-03-09

I was about to point that out, but you beat me to it.

Crash2108 (author)SirGrok2007-03-09

Has no one actually read the thing?

LasVegas (author)Crash21082007-03-09

5 lines of text with 2 of someone else's photos isn't exactly a gripping read.

Crash2108 (author)LasVegas2007-03-09

Wow, nothing gets past you, does it, sleuth?

westfw (author)2007-03-09

I don't think the pins are long enough!

0.775volts (author)2007-03-09

I too have done this, but one should also remember to try and leave the processor in place on the side of the head, this gives one a nice "augmented" look that is sure to drive the ladies wild.

lemonie (author)2007-03-09

This wasn't worth 3 steps. (or even one) L

Myself (author)2007-03-09

Forget about ever using the processor again. Even if you washed the sebum off the pins, you probably already fried it with static. :( I weep for the innocent transistors slaughtered in the name of aesthetics!

trebuchet03 (author)2007-03-09

Comb? Comb! Puh... I use no comb :P I wash my hair... but do not brush :P Keeps it from going poofy :P

leevonk (author)trebuchet032007-03-09

wash? wash! Puh..

HamO (author)leevonk2007-03-09

Comb? Comb! Wash? Wash! Puh...Wish I had hair!!

icanryme2002 (author)2007-03-09

i had this idea back in December except i didn't have a Pentium so i used a Celeron and i called a Penticomb the only trouble is i wanted to add a handle of some sort thats why i didn't post it.

Project_Nightmare (author)2007-03-09

LOL, I just scraped an original pentium from my old computer a few weeks ago. It's still up in my room :P

ich bin ein pyro (author)2007-03-09

lol i dont even comb my hair anyway

WesDoesStuff (author)2007-03-09

AfroTechMods ftw

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