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'Guys who try to lick their elbows on webcam' is a postmodern video for the cyber era. It features a seminal eighties europop soundtrack by Sabrina, and its slighty seedy and somewhat unnerving gallery of webcam chatters (served under a decorum of strawberry icing) navigates the undertows of cyber subculture.
At first, the video appears harmless enough: 22 men, of various ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds, are seen to be ridiculing themselves on webcam.
While this might raise a laugh or two, the sexual subtext is essentially bleak: the internet distorts human relationships to a point where self-consciousness vanishes in the face of the most primal urges.
'Guys who try to lick their elbows on webcam' raises issues of privacy, image ownership and voyeurism. Its captivating imagery make it utterly compelling but uncomfortable viewing.
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A good name7 years ago
This is stupid, the only reason she/he won was because they put a picture of someone who's only in a bra... BTW: how is this popular science, make, or any of that stuff?
i don't see any one in a bra
I think it's popular science because it was formatted into a 'social experiment' which attempted to see the lengths of humiliation a guy will put himself through to get a glimpse. I think we're program to do stupid things. Try to like your elbow, get into fights we can't win, stand there and let a large predator kill and eat you while your mate escapes. Thems the cards, and evolution has doomed us. But at least it's fun. lol.
Hey, I like my elbow. Only the right one, though, I think the left one's a bit funny. ;-) Yes, it is definitely social science. Yes, it might be obvious, but it points out a very specific difference between the sexes, which, in these odd times when men and women are mandated to be equal by law, is worth recalling. It's popular just by virtue of people watching and being interested in it. The fun format helps, of course. If this was a thirty page analysis of the discourse on paper published in "Nature" none of us would have seen it, and it wouldn't have become popular.
myaccount176 years ago
what? that's why I don't like showing my face in webcam.
nekoheehee6 years ago
so what happens when you get one of those people who can do it? its not impossible its just rare to find someone who can.
Cookie13947 years ago
Actually my friend can lick her elbow.
breasts for her! lol
as can I! no dislocation involved my sister can as well.
i could for a few minutes, when i dislocated my shoulder! i was being an idiot and was playin on my roof and i fell off, landed on my arm and it just cracked! didnt break it, just popped it out of the joint. i immediately screemed, but for some reason it didnt hurt much, then i was thinkin "maybe i could lick my elbow now!" and so i did! it was weird, but then i went to the hospital and they fixed it, that was the only part that hurt!
omg! thats hillarous! i have to try dislocating my shoulder sometime
Yeah! You know, that's a fun thing to do with your time.
dont do that its not good for the muscles in your shoulder, i did it by accident
And it hurts like a b****. XD
yes... yes it does.
I was playing baseball, when a wild pitch hit right at the joint. You could hear the pop. IT hurt for like a week, and all I got was a sling. It re-dislocates sometimes which sucks.
Wesley6667 years ago
I have a friend he can actually lick his elbow! he has a short arm and a long neck and tongue.
Yeah idk why everyone thinks itls impossible. I can lick my elbow no problem, I have a long neck and tounge also.
Ya it is possible just most people cant do it.
dUc0N jdisco7 years ago
Yep, I have a friend who can do that too, no problem! He just has a long tongue, short arms, and an extra face growing out of his left knee. It's totally so easy though.
EnigmaMax6 years ago
I can lick my knee...
the standard human bone structure is not supposed to be able to...but you get the occasional "special" person...
culepet7 years ago
i can lick my own elbow too....
its not impossible to lick your own elbow. I have a friend who can do it.
Kaiven7 years ago
HA I LAUGH IN YOUR FACE!!! I CAN LICK MY ELBOW!!! I HAVE DONE IT MANY TIMES!!! Now ill stop yelling at you. Time to read the instructable...
HAH bring it on videochat chick, that's the only part of me that is flexible and smaller than normal
thightower7 years ago
This is awesome, I've been laughing for days at it! Great research and video. Did you also do this for April fools?
sam noyoun (author)  thightower7 years ago
yea, I did!
Neodudeman7 years ago
Wow. This is actually a very deep, well thought out and analyzed social experiment. I'm very impressed with this professional work.
nerd127 years ago
i can lick my elbow! it is not impossible!!!! see the pic!
xirekaj7 years ago
I once accidentally dislocated my friends arm and now he can lick it.
Dillis xirekaj7 years ago
Most people can lick their arms :P
yeah, most people. there are about 6-7 % of the world that can tho.
he said most people can lick there ARMS not elbows
i see that now, and i ment elbows.
geometric27 years ago
i lick my elbow by dislocating my shoulder (yes, its gross, i know) and twisting it around in front of my face... hehe...
BreeBree7 years ago
This has to be the funniest thing i have ever seen!! I am going to have to try this.
Keith-Kid7 years ago
I was gonna ask, can you show what you record? I mean, no copyright crap?
sam noyoun (author)  Keith-Kid7 years ago
errrr, no, all I recorded was the guys' webcam as they were trying to lick their elbows... so the footage is totally original.
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