How to configure uTorrent for maximum upload and download speed.

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This provides a short guideline on how you can configure uTorrent to squeeze the best performance from your Internet connection.

FOR ABSOLUTE BEGINNER TORRENT USERS ONLY: BitTorrent is a P2P protocol. Unlike HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) there is no centralized server distributing data. Instead, files and folders are stored on regular PCs just like yours. People choose to let others download these files directly from them. Any user who has fully completed the download, and is only uploading to others is called a seed, any user who has a portion of the file and is downloading the rest and also uploading whatever he has is called a peer. And any user who downloads more then he uploads is called a leecher. The beauty of BitTorrent is that the more people uploading/downloading, the higher the speed will be for any individual users, whereas with a central server, more users downloading would mean more bandwidth consumption and lower download speeds. This is why BitTorrent is the protocol of choice for sharing large files.

Important Note: Leeching destroys torrents and is completely against the BitTorrent sharing ideology. Whenever your PC is idle or you're not uploading anything (you normally aren't), then leave a torrent or two to seed so that others may benefit from it.

More details on the BitTorrent protocol can be found in the Wikipedia article here:

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Step 1: Testing your connection speed

Picture of Testing your connection speed
Since you will always be uploading at your maximum speed, torrent clients need to be configured according to maximum upload speed in order to avoid choking your connection. So you will need to test your connection: (recommended) .

Perform the test a number of times and select a mid-value (not the highest or lowest). The value needed to proceed with the configuration is the upload speed (or upstream, or up-speed) expressed in kilobits per second (kbits, or kbs, kb/s) not kilobytes (kB, kbytes, etc).

For more tweaks on significantly speeding up your PC's performance, visit my website, the address is:
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AvangionQ15 days ago

I'm on optimum online. Speed test indicates 29mbps upload speed, but I almost never see more than 9mbps upload being used by utorrent. I have followed these steps to see if anything changes, sadly nope. Any suggestions?

how can i add the addresses of hosts

AndyR21 month ago

Thank you very much for putting this guide together. I appreciate your efforts!

XxDEATHxX4 years ago
use torrentz to find what ya need it has it by seeds as well !HeLP! im using bitcomet speed was 121kb/s or kbps i dunno the on under mb now 50 WTF help plz

Simple. Don't use BitComet. Use something like uTorrent or BitTorren.

sounds like you need some help with improving speed. There are a couple possibilities that could speed up your torrents, found on this guide
sitabja.pal1 month ago

Thanks works like a magic..

j7n1 year ago
Copying and adding peers manually can be a method to download private torrents without involving a tracker, either because the torrent was created for a single personal transfer, or the tracker of that torrent requires registration. Then one with access can obtain the list of peers, and have another computer add them to download from them. The peers will not need permission from the tracker to start seeding.
Alex1M61 year ago
Your awesome! Increasing Maximum Connected Peers per Torrent and Global Maximum Number of Connections significantly improved my download speeds in Bittorrent from a shaky 20mbps to a solid 34mbps!
lmasegela2 years ago
thanks a really works amazingly..BIG UPPS.
coolvimal2 years ago
There are many sites available to check the speed of the internet connection..But i usually test my speed using the .It shows the uploading and downloading speed of the connection.
sharlston5 years ago
anyone on vuze?
Ali_Athar (author)  sharlston5 years ago
Not really......uTorrent is superior to Vuze in every way. Faster, much more customizable, more feature-packed and most of all, very low on resources, unlike Vuze which is a Java memory hog lol
uh, Unless your on a mac - then uTorrent is practically useless. So "superior to Vuze in every way"...?  Not really.
Ali_Athar (author)  dudemanparrish4 years ago
I think there's a good reason 80% of the BitTorrent community uses uTorrent. Less BS and a nice, simple UI.
devenda6 years ago
hmm when i download and open the file do i get a error (you are not authoresised) even in admin-mode doesn't it work can you help?
i had the same problem i just swapped to bittorrent
Ali_Athar (author)  devenda6 years ago
your ISP is probably blocking the traffic, try talking to them. Sometimes, even enabling or forcing protocol encryption doesn't help.
joehadac5 years ago
i heard demonoid is one of the best torrenting sites is that true?
true it is
Ali_Athar (author)  Sandisk1duo5 years ago
I just use Bit Che (see step 10 for link). It is soooo much easier then going to a hundred torrent sites and searching for something.
ya, but you can get viruses!

There are NO viruses on demonoid
Ali_Athar (author)  Sandisk1duo5 years ago
You need to know which torrents to download. If there's a keygen and it has like 1 seed in it, then there's a 99% chance that it's gonna be infected. All the torrents I've downloaded have at least 100 seeds, and normally over 300. Plus the comments and feedback is positive and the one who posted them are trusted people.
demonoid has torrents with like 2 seeds, and i trust them
too many viruses
0 viruses
he's right 0 viruses ive torrented so many discographys off demoniod and no viruses, i have downloaded the game call of duty 2 with no viruses i trust demonoid enitrely
ya i trust them too because you need to be invited to even register, every thing is air tight
psyvanz5 years ago
Ali_Athar (author)  psyvanz5 years ago
I like uTorrent
the.mask5 years ago
Great work man! All of your tips worked well for me! I have a suggestion for you: I´ve mencioned the question of copyrights but Ithink that I´ve read someplace that the downloader could prevent getting prosecuted by using Peer Guardian! Could you make a tutorial about this? Thanks again!!! Peace!
Ali_Athar (author)  the.mask5 years ago
lol I installed that, and I got all confused just by looking at it; removed it immediately. Maybe I'll try understanding it in my vacations and then make an instructable :)
Angadgsingh5 years ago
This worked well i was at a 20 - 40 k download but now im 30 to 60 ish if any one has any more tips please share... btw i am running xp sp 3 is that ok for the TCP speeder uper thingy that you mentioned in step 6
Ali_Athar (author)  Angadgsingh5 years ago
If it worked on SP2, it should work on SP3 as well, I say give it a shot.
thanks this worked great
my speeds are now 40 to 100
my best was a 400 =)
I have never seen such an enourmous difference in my download speeds. I was freaking out on 5-10 k now I'm at 50-150k, I'm not even kidding. Thank you so much - 5 stars and fave.
heathsieler6 years ago
I would not use utorrent they sold out and now snitch on people to WB and other movie company's
That crap happened to me too. I figured its the ISP selling me out however. This is how it went down. My internet stopped. It stayed stopped the next day. I called the ISP helpdesk. They tell me there's a ticket reporting abuse, by downloading Sopranos episodes. I freak out on the tech guy, telling him my router is open and I dont know how to configure it (its not and I do) and that in any case I'm paying for HBO anyway. He turned it back on, on the spot and told me that WB forces them to make out these tickets and issue warnings and that all he'll do is close the ticket and report it as false. My ISP was TimeWarner, Roadrunner at the time. I cancelled with them anyway and have GrandeCommunications now.
Ali_Athar (author) 6 years ago
UPDATE: New step has been added. You don't need to completely alter your current settings or anything, its just another tip which proves helpful at many times when download speed gets slow all of a sudden. It's in Step 9
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