Step 10: Download guide and warning

Now you're ready to start downloading your torrents. 

WARNING: Many torrents contain material which is a violation to the copyright law. The licenses required to acquire such material should be obtained only from its rightful owner and NOT from a third party free of charge. For this reason, make sure that you only download torrents whose license permits it to be freely distributed (such as open-source).

Also, these settings will only make the most out of the available circumstances. Sometimes, torrents won't work or will work slowly even if you optimize the software. Reasons for this include:
1) ISPs throttling with torrent traffic even though protocol encryption is enabled or forced
2) Some public trackers on which torrents rely are irreliable and often malfunction or work badly for no apparent reason
3) This is a very useful tip, choose torrents which have plenty of seeds and peers. There should be at least 50 seeds and 100+ peers to ensure good download and upload speed. Search thoroughly as most content is available in more then one torrents and choose the one with the most number of seeds.

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AndyR29 months ago

Thank you very much for putting this guide together. I appreciate your efforts!