How to configure uTorrent for maximum upload and download speed.

Step 7: Maximum connected peers per torrent

Picture of Maximum connected peers per torrent
Yet another setting that you don't want to max out. I experimented quite a lot with the max connected peers settings and came to the conclusion that both high and low number hurt the download speed of a torrent. The following setting worked best for me.

upload speed * 1.3

so if your maximum upload speed is 40 kB/s, the optimal amount of connected peers per torrent is

40 * 1.3 = 52

I didn't t notice a difference for fast or slow connections here.

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Alex1M62 years ago
Your awesome! Increasing Maximum Connected Peers per Torrent and Global Maximum Number of Connections significantly improved my download speeds in Bittorrent from a shaky 20mbps to a solid 34mbps!