Step 9: Maintaining high speed peers/seeds list

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This is an additional tip I'm inserting which I often use but forgot to mention originally.

Many times, the reason for torrents suddenly slowing down is because a high speed peer or seed went offline and the other ones aren't uploading as fast. In this case, you can't do anything, since it isn't possible to force those people to start seeding lol

Another scenario is that those peers are still seeding, but you have lost connection with them (which could happen due to a number of reasons) In this case, it is useful to save the IP address of these high speed peers so that you can connect to them later on. To save the IP address of a specific high-speed peer:

1) Go into the "Peers" tab
2) Observe the list of peers, focus, in specific, on the "down speed" column, this shows you how fast you are downloading data from that specific peer/seed.
3) Right-click on the peers which are giving you faster speeds
4) Click on the "Copy selected hosts" option
5) Open up Notepad and paste using Edit --> Paste or press Ctrl + V

You'll notice that the number appearing will be something like this:


The bit after the colon shows the port which that specific peer is using to connect. You may copy the addresses of multiple hosts and save it somewhere on your computer

When your download speed has decreased and you want to try to connect to these peers:

1) Go into the "Peers" tab
2) Right-click on an empty portion of the space below
3) Click on the "Add peer" option.
4) Copy and paste the IP address and port no. of the high-speed peer (paste it as it is, don't make any modifications to it)
5) Click on OK
6) If this does cause an increase in your speed, then it means you have connected to that peer and have started downloading. If your speed doesn't change, it means that you failed to connect to that peer, mostly because it is offline and not seeding anymore.
shahkar.amin9 months ago

how can i add the addresses of hosts

sitabja.pal10 months ago

Thanks bro.....it works like a magic..

j7n1 year ago
Copying and adding peers manually can be a method to download private torrents without involving a tracker, either because the torrent was created for a single personal transfer, or the tracker of that torrent requires registration. Then one with access can obtain the list of peers, and have another computer add them to download from them. The peers will not need permission from the tracker to start seeding.
lmasegela3 years ago
thanks a lot..it really works amazingly..BIG UPPS.