How to Confront a Boss in a Manner That Will Benefit You.


Introduction: How to Confront a Boss in a Manner That Will Benefit You.

Don’t let a bad boss get the best of you.

Step 1: ​Put It in Perspective.

Pin point what your supervisor is doing that is standing in the way of the outcome you are looking for.

It could be:

· Not following through on commitments (perhaps with pay increases or promotions) ·

Failure to treat you with respect ·

Lack of defined job duties ·

Unrealistic expectations

Step 2: Create a Three Part Statement

Part one: Set it up

Based on the promises made to me when I accepted this position, I understood that there would be room for upward mobility with respect to both responsibility and pay.

Part two: The soft transition

It could very well be that the opportunity is there and I am simply not seeing it.

Part three: Make them bite

So I am not coming to you because I am expecting a promotion. I am just looking for a little clarity so I know what you need from me in order to progress as we discussed when I was looking at the position.

The key to making them bite is to ask for an explanation rather than an outcome.

How do we get to _________?


I want _______________.

Step 3: Memorize Your Statement

You must know this statement inside and out.

Practice it daily for at least a week before you actually confront your supervisor. Aside from helping you say what you want to say this gives you a chance to make sure you are really getting to the heart of the problem.

Step 4: Schedule a Time to Say Your Statement

Realize that you are asking something of your supervisor. If you need feedback then you also need time. Set up a time in the same manner you would ask for five minutes if you wanted to talk about something positive. Be prepared to take notes in case they are ready on the spot.

Step 5: Make It Go Smooth

Act like you enjoy your job and your supervisor and confront them.

Avoid the fallowing: ·

Talking about anything else (venting) ·

Admitting to being unhappy ·

Going back and forth ·

Letting the conversation drag on ·

Not getting something out of it

If they won’t give you what you are asking for at this meeting then ask for a follow up meeting.

Maybe you say “If you would prefer to put something together and get back to me, maybe we could talk again at this time next week?” Don’t forget that what you are asking for is not the end goal but how to get to the end goal.

Step 6: Act and Enjoy

Once you have feedback you are a few tangible steps away from the outcome you are after. When you start talking to your supervisor like this, they will avoid putting you in undesirable situations at all costs. This is the kind of confrontation supervisor’s work to avoid. That is also why it works.



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