A simple little game from years ago - just catch the rubber band with the hook and give it a pull.

Simple? No...

Step 1: Tools and Materials:


  • You will need a stick, wide enough to drill conveniently. I used an actual stick, but you could use a short length of thick dowel or broom handle.
  • You will also need a length of dowelling that is conveniently narrower than the stick. I used 3mm bamboo.
  • A vital part of this puzzle is a narrow rubber band. The length isn't important.


  • Saw
  • Drill (I got a new stand, which makes things a lot easier!), and a drill-bit slightly larger than the dowel. With the 3mm dowel I used a 5mm twist-bit.
  • Glue - I used PVA, but you could use hot-glue if you're the impatient type.
  • Sharp knife (ah, good old multi-tool).
  • Wood-shaping stuff - rasp, file, sandpaper.
  • A vice is useful, but not vital.
<p>This is a fantastic puzzle! I have a similar version that's shaped like a little wooden mouse - his head/nose area is the squeezy part, and his tail is a bit of elastic band, which helps throw people off. </p><p>It's been on my list of things to remake and post for years, and I just happened to stumble across this now! Not sure I'll ever get around to remaking mine, but it's nice to see your version : ) </p>
<p>I never saw a mouse version before - it sounds like a cool project.</p>
I was just here, at my room, laughing as hard as I could when you confessed the trick! This is great!
Thank you.
looks oddly like a penis
You should probably go see a doctor, something might be wrong with your tally-whacker if it resembles this stick in any way.
I don't think you need to go see the doctor for that. <br>
I am sorry, but people with dirty minds (myself included) see a penis first. Its nothing personal, just our issue. :P
Hey, I made one of these from my birch tree branches! Fun, and fools many people! I finally show them the secret though! Thats just me!
Cool - could you post a picture?
this is very nice...........and mean:D
Great job! <em><sup><sub>Confuzzle?!?</sub></sup></em>
OK, so I needed a name that would stick, and not sound phallic.
Nicely done and said sir lol :D
that stick just looks wrong. pretty cool though
way to go. someone just had to take something inoccent and make a perve joke.
how is it a perve joke? half of the population have them
i think what he is trying to say is that it takes a very imature person to, as nijasloth said, "...take somthing inocent and make it a perve joke."
Right<br />
...that wasn't the point
Evil.<br><br>I like it!
it looks dodgy :D
hahahahaha i just pulled this up and my friend saw the picture and was like WTF WAS THAT????
Sir, you have a mucky mind!<br><br>;-)
Had to read through this one a few times before I could understand it. Clever.
that drill press looks awesome!<br>do an instructi' on it, if you can!
Sorry, no point - it was a bought tool, designed to hold a hand-held drill into a drill-press for those who don't need one every day.<br><br>
it was bought?<br>from where?
I can't remember exactly, but it was a cheap supermarket, probably either a Lidl or Aldi.<br><br>
so you modded it?
then why are there zip ties everywhere?
Check the image notes - they're rubber bands, because the drill wouldn't keep running without the trigger pulled. <br> <br>I've fixed that now. <br> <br>
ah, missed that, thanks
I feel like I should be making a perverted comment right about now. :)
Just so long as you don't mention your home state...<br/><br/><sub>I think next time I make one of these I will use square-section timber...</sub><br/>
That's what I'm going to do when I make this with my 13 yr old son.
Probably a good idea!
ill do it for u bow chicka bow wow
Can't believe you could (would) do that.
Can't you just grab it better (twss) instead of letting it slip out of you fingers?
<p>nvm i get it now</p>
;-)<br />
I&nbsp;saw this exact same thing in a store once.<br />
What if you dont have any friends like me?

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