Conductive thread ribbon cable from R4R, LLC is the perfect material for wiring wearables because it can be attached just like normal fabric ribbons -flexible, sewable and washable.
You can easily use conductive thread ribbon cable by connecting it with FFC connectors.

Step 1: Components & Tools

- conductive thread ribbon cable (can buy from Adafruit / SparkFun / Etsy.

link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/182940761/conductive-...)

- FFC connectors (0.100’’ pitch, 4pins, male or female)
(can buy from Digi-Key. Part number: 609-2178-ND/ 609-4477-ND/ 609-2160-ND)

- pliers

Step 2: Understanding the Components

Understanding about conductive thread ribbon cable and FFC connector.

Step 3: Preparing Ribbon Cable

Cut the conductive thread ribbon cable into a length you need.

Step 4: Preparing Ribbon Cable

Cut out the four corner ends of the ribbon cable into little rectangle shapes so that it will fit into a FFC connector.

Step 5: Crimping Ribbon Cable With FFC Connector

Place one end of the ribbon cable between metal crimping parts of a FFC connector.

Step 6: Crimping Ribbon Cable With FFC Connector

Crimp the FFC connector with pliers.

Step 7: Crimping Ribbon Cable With FFC Connector

Lock the FFC connector by pressing side edges of the top cover.

Step 8: Crimping Ribbon Cable With FFC Connector

Repeat the same to connect the other end of ribbon cable.

Step 9: Finished & Troubleshooting

Enjoy the conductive thread ribbon cable!

     If no current flows through the ribbon cable, check the connectivity of the pins and crimp again.
<p>Is it washable for this kind of crimp connector? Thanks...</p>
Nice idea. You might want to include the Digi-Key part number of the connector that you used in this example. There are many styles of FFCs out there....
Thanks for your advice! I just included the part numbers.
Yes it's a really nice idea. About the last picture : step 9, what are the other components use to realize this assembly ? Which kind of material between crimp and battery ? <br>Thanks !
<p>The material between crimp and battery is copper tape.</p><p>Thanks!</p>
<p>Ah yes, nice ! But it is expensive, isn't it ?<br>Can we buy this copper tape on this website ? <br>Thanks again &amp; Happy new year !</p>
<p>Its not that expensive.</p><p>You can buy it on several websites such as sparkfun or adafruit!</p>

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