Step 2: 2. Right Clicking Again Your Emulator Located on System Tray You See a PORT Option

2. Right clicking again your Emulator located on system tray you see a PORT option
Click it.

You will now notice com port 2 is NMEA the protocol the GPS system will use to communicate with Earthbridge, and Earthbridge to Google Earth. Com port 3 and 5 to remain OFF.
at this point all when i right click a window pops up saying GPS multiplexer tray application, has stopped working ? HELP
If any of you are using Windows 7, you can connect to Google Earth directly without having to install Earth Bridge. Just install the DeLorme Serial Emulator according to the instructions here, and then run Google Earth in Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode (Right-click on Google Earth icon, then go to Properties&gt;Compatibility and select from drop-down menu). Then, start GPS in Google Earth by going to Tools&gt;GPS&gt;Realtime(tab). After clicking start, Google Earth should detect the GPS easily.<br><br>I still prefer using Earth Bridge because you can make it not fly to the placemark every time the GPS updates (which gets pretty annoying). To get Earth Bridge to work with Windows 7, set its compatibility mode to Windows XP SP3.
This procedure works! ... but only if your operating system is Windows XP *and* you are continously connected to the internet. First tried it on my laptop running Win7 (32-bit version). Earthbridge never saw the Delorme Serial Emulator. Another problem you will be up against: Google Earth does not store the 3D map of the earth on your computer. Unless you have a fast internet connection while you are mobile, it will not work. Google Earth uses the internet connection as a 3D map image server.
i followed ur instructions and earth bridge tells me the output directory does not exist when i try to connect to gps device
Hay SM Jr. I liked your instructable. I use MS Streets & Trips as well as DeLorme Street Atlas in my car on a Laptop. I'd like to give your instructable a spin only you forgot to explain how to cache a map of the city from Google Earth's map's (free version of GE). Can you help me out with this? How do I cache a map of the city? If I buy GE Plus would the maps be a higher (resolution) quality? Would you cache maps the same way? Would everything else be the same using GE Plus? Thanks for your instructable and your heip.
Thanks for taking the time to put this together. I'm a little frustrated though. Any idea why it would show "I Am Here" in the Gulf of Guinea instead of my home in Merced, CA ?
The Gulf of Guinea is Lat/Long 0/0. Check the GPS Status tab in Earthbridge. I suspect you're not connected to the Delorme driver. Earthbridge is sending 0/0 to Google Earth. I have the same problem. If I determine the solution, I'll let you know.
i don't see why it wouldn't as long as you get a gps signal going in.......let me know either way.
That's really something. Maybe you can help me with my project. I want to be able to walk about my property (24 AC with any GPS and, then upload the way points I've selected (or the entire route) to my laptop so I can "see" where I've been in relation to a map in MS Streets & Trips or similar) Ay experience or suggestions would be helpful.
Well what is sounds like you want to do is fairly simple just tedious, try easygps.com,......also try gsak.net let me know I might just do an instructable on it.
Great Instructable! Anybody an idea how to do this with an Garmin Etrex?
I can make an Instructable for that, are you still interested?
I would love to know how? So, yes, I am still interested... Looking forward to that!
Here you go i hope you like it.<br/>any questions please ask.<br/><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/USE-YOUR-GARMIN-E-TREX-LEGEND-GPS-WITH-GOOGLE-EART/">https://www.instructables.com/id/USE-YOUR-GARMIN-E-TREX-LEGEND-GPS-WITH-GOOGLE-EART/</a><br/>
A rather beginner type question: Will this show your location - live, as you move? If so, can you set up multiple GPS devices at the same time? Thanks
Yes it will track you live as you move with a 1 second delay. Setting up Multiple GPS on one system..... not sure but due EarthBridge only accepting one GPS at a time I would have to say for the time being....... no. I have been able to connect by Garmin ETrex Legend to it as well and works practically the same way but only using EarthBridge and Google Earth
nice instructable, thanks
I see odd encoding on your text, Lots of oddly accented characters. Other than that this is a cool instructable.
The odd encoding is there because Instructables.com cannot handle special characters, like curly quotes, for example. Anything more unusual than curly quotes really messes with the text. If you compose in Notepad or other simple text processor and past it here the text should clear up.
That should have been, "paste it here."
I like this. I have GPS maps on my phone. I'll have to check to see if Earthmate will 'mate' with the phone signals.

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