How to Connect Your 4 Button Battery Charger to Your Computer




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Introduction: How to Connect Your 4 Button Battery Charger to Your Computer

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You may have a hobbykign eco six, or whatever and want to connect it to your computer to log everything
this works on windows

you will need:



Step 1: 1 Take Apart Your Usb Box

take apart the usb cable, you will see 3 contacts labeled gnd, sin, sin

Step 2: Wire It Up

strip the ends of the servo cable and solder in order to the board, make gnd and black on the cable so its easy to remember

Step 3: Plug in and Software

  • plug the cable into the charger, gnd away from the input power
  • plug into computer and install drivers
  • install log view and set up the device to imax b6 and the port to the serial port of your cable



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    hi my charger just wont connect,its defo sending somthing as i get the hex text going through i just cant get the graph working or the digital view working,my b6 ac only shows as hid and not serial under the source menu,its strange

    1 reply

    you might have a different usb serial cable to mine

    What is the advantage for doing this? I have an accucel-6 for RC and am curious

    1 reply

    hou can see how you batteries are charging, etc