How to Conserve the Remains of Paint





Introduction: How to Conserve the Remains of Paint

When we finish a work of painting, it is convenient to conserve the spare painting for later retouches.

Step 1: Logically, We Close the Can Firmly.

But if we close the can with the whole air that has inside, the oxygen will combine with the painting and it will create a hard layer on the surface.

Step 2: How Do We Eliminate the Oxygen?

It is very easy: 1) we add inside the can some drops of an inflammable liquid that it is compatible with the type of painting: alcohol for the water-base paintings, gasoline or solvent for the oil-base paintings.

In the upper left corner of the photo you can see a dropper with lighter fuel. Four or five drops are sufficient. More than that can alter the painting chemically.

Step 3: Warning: Adults Only!

2) immediately light a fire to the drops of flammable liquid.

Step 4: Put the Lid

Contrary to what one could suppose, when putting the lid it doesn't take place an explosion, but instead, considerable vaccum is created inside the can, which strongly sucks the lid.

The fire fades quickly because the oxygen wastes away, and then the painting will last very much more time without losing it's quality significantly.

If there is little painting and the can is of big size (1 liter or more), it is probable that the can is deformed due to the interior vacuum. But that doesn't affect in anything to the painting, and there is not any possibility that the can can produce spill of painting due to that contraction.



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From here came the Firefox logo!

Wow, that flame does look like a fox!!

Great instructable I don't know much about Firefox, But doesn't that flame in the photo look like the logo? Iv'e only seen Firefox once so I'm not so shure.

its clearly a fire wolf.

What about the new plastic paint containers? How do they hold up?

I do'nt know (I have an answer for each question ;) I guess the container collapse, as the greater of the pictures.

Oh, And does this only work with house paint or can it work with acrilic and other things?

I do'nt know. Try it and tell us, please. In 8 years, more or less, we can have a response ;)

So, does this mean that paint cures by oxidation? I thought it was a matter of the solvents evaporating, which should not require oxygen, right? If this works, I'll have to start using it simply for the shocking effect on onlookers :-)

It's simpler than adding CO2, but is the paint affected by the heat and soot?