Hello everyone!

I really love crafting with polymer clay, since this material is very versatile. I'll show you how to construct and craft a flat polymer clay brooch, getting every motif you want. This time, I will do a gumball machine.
So grab your clay and knead yourself to happyness.

Please be aware of the potential dangers of a hot oven and sharp knives.

Last but not least, just have fun. Feel free to ask if anything is unclear.

Step 1: Material

Material needed:

- Clay (black and the colours you like)
- scissors
- squared paper (optional, it helps me to keep my sketches symmetric)
- a pencil
- a rubber
- a pen
- sculpting tools like a toothpick or similar
- a bendable, sharp blade (optional)
- a scalpel or craftin knife
- an acylic rod, or anything similar for rolling out the clay (a pastamachine may come in handy here)
- cutters for polymer clay (optional; depends on the shapes you would like to cut)
- liquid clay
- brooch needle
- wax or baking paper (not shown)
- an oven (not shown)
- a copier (optional and not shown)

Material needed for quillings (optional):

- ribbon
- lace
- matching thread to ribbon and lace
- sewing needle
- strong double sided tape
indeed a helpful ~ible :)
Very helpful. Good work.
Thank you sooo much for your lovely comments and featuring! <3
Very nice. I like the detail in the instructable. Good job in the gumball machine design. Thanks for posting.
These are really cute!

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