How to construct and craft polymer clay cartoon-style brooches

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Picture of How to construct and craft polymer clay cartoon-style brooches
Hello everyone!

I really love crafting with polymer clay, since this material is very versatile. I'll show you how to construct and craft a flat polymer clay brooch, getting every motif you want. This time, I will do a gumball machine.
So grab your clay and knead yourself to happyness.

Please be aware of the potential dangers of a hot oven and sharp knives.

Last but not least, just have fun. Feel free to ask if anything is unclear.
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Step 1: Material

Picture of Material
Material needed:

- Clay (black and the colours you like)
- scissors
- squared paper (optional, it helps me to keep my sketches symmetric)
- a pencil
- a rubber
- a pen
- sculpting tools like a toothpick or similar
- a bendable, sharp blade (optional)
- a scalpel or craftin knife
- an acylic rod, or anything similar for rolling out the clay (a pastamachine may come in handy here)
- cutters for polymer clay (optional; depends on the shapes you would like to cut)
- liquid clay
- brooch needle
- wax or baking paper (not shown)
- an oven (not shown)
- a copier (optional and not shown)

Material needed for quillings (optional):

- ribbon
- lace
- matching thread to ribbon and lace
- sewing needle
- strong double sided tape

Step 2: Sketch for stencil

Picture of Sketch for stencil
First of all make a drawing of the object you would like to make a brooch of. I like to use square paper because it helps me to get my sketch (more or less) symmetric.
Keep in mind, that you need a thick black line around every part of your object to make it look cartoon like. Make the lines as thick as you feel comfortable with.
Mine are usually not thicker than 3mm.
Keep the shapes as simple as possible.
For this instructable I decided on a gumballmachine.
Keep a rubber at hand for correcting possible mistakes.

Get the outlines done with a black marker or something similar. The only important thing is, the lines you draw now are not erasable.
Erase the pencil lines.
sabu.dawdy1 year ago
indeed a helpful ~ible :)
Mrballeng1 year ago
Very helpful. Good work.
KittyKissMe (author) 1 year ago
Thank you sooo much for your lovely comments and featuring! <3
bob30301 year ago
Very nice. I like the detail in the instructable. Good job in the gumball machine design. Thanks for posting.
jsouza101 year ago
ChrysN1 year ago
These are really cute!