This is my first instructable on how to create a iphone hologram device. This model is made out of paper but instructions on how to build the device out of acrylic (plastic) is in another instructable. This paper model is a prototype for this. I decide to create this model as no other websites have instructions on how to build or buy it. This model was designed on the I3DG. I hope you have as much fun making this and amazing your friends as i did creating this model. This model uses peppers effect of using three, 45 degree, semi-transparent mirrors to lay the segmented image on your iphone/ipod touch one in front of each other.

Step 1: Cutting Out

cut out all peices as shown
These templates remind me spectacularly of Pepekura templates, but I guess you drew them. Can't wait to see the acrylic one!
Thank you and yes I did draw the templates! A video of the acrylic version will be on youtube once i have finished it. It will take about 2-3 weeks to design and complete. I also need to create some images to use. A template is under this comment as well as a image i created:
If you are not a member and want to view the CD video go to: <br> <br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sEXbSsq-fk
Can you post the template in pdf format.... of the device itself, and not just the template for the video portion.<br><br>Thanks,<br><br>-Jim
here you go
thanks....<br><br>By the way, are we certain that the angled refelctive area is not anything more than more plexi..... Not certain it is partially mirrored.<br><br>I think the top part is mirrored and that helps.<br><br>Does this make sense?
I did a test using cd cases and it appears that you don't need to add a mirror to the top part.
Good work. <br><br>This system is interesting, but to call it &quot;holographic&quot; is very misleading. <br><br>Holography has nothing to do with it. I should not even refer to it as &quot;3D&quot;.
Thank you! I will try to edit the name. I have only started using instructables 5 days ago so I will see if I can change the name. Thank you for your advice! The new name will be &quot;multilayered viewing device for iPhone.&quot;<br>
Fantastic! <br><br>Do not take my words as those of someone with authority, I'm just like you on Instructables. I say my opinion, only.
Thx! I will also add the template I have drawn. I will be posting soon on how to make the real thing out of plastic. It will be on in about 2 weeks as I am still building it!

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