How to Construct a (paper Prototype) Multilayered Viewing Device for IPhone.(I3DG)





Introduction: How to Construct a (paper Prototype) Multilayered Viewing Device for IPhone.(I3DG)

This is my first instructable on how to create a iphone hologram device. This model is made out of paper but instructions on how to build the device out of acrylic (plastic) is in another instructable. This paper model is a prototype for this. I decide to create this model as no other websites have instructions on how to build or buy it. This model was designed on the I3DG. I hope you have as much fun making this and amazing your friends as i did creating this model. This model uses peppers effect of using three, 45 degree, semi-transparent mirrors to lay the segmented image on your iphone/ipod touch one in front of each other.

Step 1: Cutting Out

cut out all peices as shown

Step 2: Creating the Box

fold sided 2 times so they meet. glue together here

Step 3: Finishing Box

fold all 3 tabs on back of box then cover in glue. Afterwards fold back down so the numbers match up. 

Step 4: Adding Side Supports

fold tabs to 90 degrees and glue. Attach tabs to matching numbers.

Step 5: Sticking on Cover to One Side

attach tabs to matching numbers and glue in place.

Step 6: Completing the Other Support

do exactly the same and stick the tabs to the matching number. your model should look like this:

Step 7: Mirror Attachment

attaching the paper where the mirrors will be is not easy. match the numbers up and glue in. If your model is out of line trim a bit off the front.

Step 8: Completed Model

Well done. Because this is my first instructable so if you have any questions just ask me in a comment!

Step 9: Testing for the Acrylic Model

In order to get the best results i have experimented with diffrent parts of the model and here are some pictures, discriptions and videos to show you the testing i have done.

Step 10: Images for the Acrylic Version



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    These templates remind me spectacularly of Pepekura templates, but I guess you drew them. Can't wait to see the acrylic one!

    1 reply

    Thank you and yes I did draw the templates! A video of the acrylic version will be on youtube once i have finished it. It will take about 2-3 weeks to design and complete. I also need to create some images to use. A template is under this comment as well as a image i created:

    i3dg_iphone_3d_template.jpgi3dg ar drone finished copy.jpg

    If you are not a member and want to view the CD video go to:

    Can you post the template in pdf format.... of the device itself, and not just the template for the video portion.



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    By the way, are we certain that the angled refelctive area is not anything more than more plexi..... Not certain it is partially mirrored.

    I think the top part is mirrored and that helps.

    Does this make sense?

    I did a test using cd cases and it appears that you don't need to add a mirror to the top part.

    Good work.

    This system is interesting, but to call it "holographic" is very misleading.

    Holography has nothing to do with it. I should not even refer to it as "3D".

    3 replies

    Thank you! I will try to edit the name. I have only started using instructables 5 days ago so I will see if I can change the name. Thank you for your advice! The new name will be "multilayered viewing device for iPhone."


    Do not take my words as those of someone with authority, I'm just like you on Instructables. I say my opinion, only.

    Thx! I will also add the template I have drawn. I will be posting soon on how to make the real thing out of plastic. It will be on in about 2 weeks as I am still building it!