Step 3: Breadboard it!

Picture of Breadboard it!
Hopefully you are following along. We are now going to put all of our pieces on the breadboard and get ready to go over the program.

This should take about 5 minutes.

I have included a schematic and a photo, but I will also talk you through it

1. Set up your power supply - a 7805 with a >5V power supply or battery pack. 100uF and 0.1uF capacitors are recommended to stabilize the input. See Schematic.
2. Place the ATtiny2313 on the board
3. Wire up the GND, +5V, and reset switch with the 10K resistor going to +5V and the switch going to GND.
4. Wire up the INT0 interrupt trigger switch from PORTD 2 to the switch with the 1K resistor from from the switch to GND. Also put the second 10K resistor from PORTD 2 to +5V so it's tied high until you hit the button. You can also parallel a small capacitor (0.1uF) across this to help debounce it.
5. Here's the smooth part, Place the LCD on the board so that the header pins on the LCD match up so pin 15 (LED backlight +5v) of the LCD plugs into pin 11(VCC +5V) of the ATtiny2313. This will line everything up nicely.  It's great because you barely have to do any wiring and all the LCD data pins are aligned with PORTB.
6. Then you will use jumpers to wire up the control lines from PORTD and put the 330 resistor from GND to pin 16 of the LCD (GND for backlight). Refer to the schematic.

I didn't show it but you will need to hook up your programmer as well. You should know the drill on that part. VCC, GND, SCK, MISO, MOSI, and RESET.

Take a look at the picture and schematic and get things wired up accordingly.

I have included the schematic with the code download on the Intro page in case you can't see it here.