Step 3: Applications

Picture of Applications
When I learned to make this circuit (I think I was 9 years old) I made a simple, little car that could drive forwards and backwards.

Now all you newbies out there: go make some creative with this circuit and post some pictures of it.
neardood7 years ago
wow that is really simple! when I tried to do something like that I used heaps of diodes and sh1t like that but this works even better. Too bad I dont have a three-way switch like that on in my workshop anyway...
You could just use a 2 position switch and a separate switch to turn it on and off.
how would you do that
rwhite192 years ago
for some reason I thought i would need a servo and micro controller to control the direction of something thanks so much
abhinavrana4 years ago
u have not mention the mechanism of seperate switch so plz do it .................
ricwip555 years ago
Good clear instructable. This is a question rather than a comment: can this be 'scaled' or 'beefed' up to switch a 12v starter motor running off a car battery ? Much higher currents - I'm trying to build a boat trailer 'tractor' . Thank you.
 Sure, That would be possible. You'll just need a pretty heavy duty switch!