Introduction: How to Control Motors With Arduino and RC Receiver in 10 Minutes

This is my second tutorial on controlling things with Arduino and R/C receivers. If you haven't looked at my first tutorial I suggest you look at that first, here: in this tutorial we will be looking at how to control motors as well using rc.

Step 1: Resources


H-bridge shield

R/C receiver

R/C Transmitter

Step 2: Wiring

put the shield on top of the arduino

connect the motors to the shield

put the servo into 3.3v and gnd information line to pin 11

connect 3 wires from ch1 to pin 10, ch2 to 9 and ch3, to 8

and then 5v to batt/bind on receiver and gnd to gnd

(Click on picture for more detail and watch the other tutorial for even more info)

Step 3: Code

Here is the code please respect the time it took for this:

// RC PulseIn Serial Read out By: Nick Poole

//extended By Jason Mclaughlin


#include <Servo.h> // for servo in example

Servo myservo;//servo entity

int pos = 0; //position for servo

int ch1; // Here's where we'll keep our channel values //servo 2

int ch2; // motors

int ch3; // servo

const int channel_a_enable = 6;

const int channel_a_input_1 = 4;

const int channel_a_input_2 = 7;

const int channel_b_enable = 5;

const int channel_b_input_3 = 3;

const int channel_b_input_4 = 2;

void setup() {

pinMode( channel_a_enable, OUTPUT ); // Channel A enable

pinMode( channel_a_input_1, OUTPUT ); // Channel A input 1

pinMode( channel_a_input_2, OUTPUT ); // Channel A input 2

pinMode( channel_b_enable, OUTPUT ); // Channel B enable

pinMode( channel_b_input_3, OUTPUT ); // Channel B input 3

pinMode( channel_b_input_4, OUTPUT ); // Channel B input 4


pinMode(10, INPUT); // Set our input pins as such

pinMode(9, INPUT);

pinMode(8, INPUT);

Serial.begin(9600); // Pour a bowl of Serial


void loop() {

ch1 = pulseIn(10, HIGH, 25000); // Read the pulse width of

ch2 = pulseIn(9, HIGH, 25000); // each channel

ch3 = pulseIn(8, HIGH, 25000);

Serial.print("Channel 1:"); // Print the value of

Serial.println(ch1); // each channel

Serial.print("Channel 2:");


Serial.print("Channel 3:");


if ((ch3 >= 1500) && (ch3 <= 1600)){// the center postion for controller


pos = 90;//set servo to center

myservo.write(pos); // set to pos which is 90


else if ((ch3 >= 1100) && (ch3 <= 1490)){


pos = 180;

myservo.write(pos); // goes from 180 degrees to 0 degrees

// waits 15ms for the servo to reach the position




(pos = 0); // goes from 0 degrees to 180 degrees

// in steps of 1 degree


// tell servo to go to position in variable 'pos'


// motor

if ((ch1 >= 1000) && (ch1 <= 1060)){

Serial.println("Motors off");

analogWrite( channel_a_enable, 125.5);

digitalWrite( channel_a_input_1, LOW);

digitalWrite( channel_a_input_2, LOW);

analogWrite( channel_b_enable, 125.5);

digitalWrite( channel_b_input_3, LOW);

digitalWrite( channel_b_input_4, LOW);



else if ((ch1 >= 1060) && (ch1 <= 1500)){

Serial.println("Motors Medium");

analogWrite( channel_a_enable, 50);

digitalWrite( channel_a_input_1, HIGH);

digitalWrite( channel_a_input_2, LOW);

analogWrite( channel_b_enable, 50);

digitalWrite( channel_b_input_3, HIGH);

digitalWrite( channel_b_input_4, LOW);



else {

Serial.println("Motors High");

analogWrite( channel_a_enable, 255);

digitalWrite( channel_a_input_1, HIGH);

digitalWrite( channel_a_input_2, LOW);

analogWrite( channel_b_enable, 255);

digitalWrite( channel_b_input_3, HIGH);

digitalWrite( channel_b_input_4, LOW);



delay(100); // I put this here just to make the terminal

// window happier


Step 4: Test

Test it and If it doesn't work contact me and ill try to help you. Here is a demo video from the first step if you didn't watch it.



JaceDuino (author)2015-07-07

yes way to keep my spirits up when witting the code


I respect the time and the humor. Thank you for taking the time to put this Instructable together.

"Serial.begin(9600); // Pour a bowl of Serial"

JonBush (author)2015-07-07

Thanks, looking forward to giving this a try sometime.

JaceDuino (author)JonBush2015-07-07

No problem, and if you need any help just ask me

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