How to Contruct and Paint a Death Eater Mask





Introduction: How to Contruct and Paint a Death Eater Mask

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This for me was on the fly and no time and no money. So paper mache was out.

1. Made paper template using my husband's face :D
2. Cut out main face and nose out of Duck Clothe
3. Painted base color on the face and nose pieces
4. attached nose pieces with hot glue gun
5. penciled in design to get a sense
6. cut out eyes and area under nose pieces
7. painted more layers to the base without detail
8. painted final detail
9. sprayed final coat of lacquer
10. glued board on the back in the forehead area to keep the mask from curving too much around the face when worn
11. attach a head band to make it wearable with hot glue gun (the best device EVER). 
12. Made singular hoods. Too hot here in TX to have full on capes.
13. Final product is light, breathable and wears easily.

Pretty stoked about the finished product.



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    "hot glue gun (the best device EVER)"
    I have to disagree, a Dremmel is the best device ever!
    Besides that, sweet 'ible, very nice painting skills!

    I love that you were able to get so much detail out of the materials you used. Some of the best Death Eater masks I've seen!

    O_o Wow, thank you very much. I'm very happy how they worked out.

    Wow, really well done! I +1 Tin.Man's comment too. I've had luck in the past with papier mache masks made out of just paper towels and glue actually. Wood glue is the strongest.

    Whoh, wood glue? How did it hold up to humidity? Like from your mouth and sweat? That is interesting.

    Wood glue is amazingly sturdy. Once it's set, it's set!

    Lovely every time i search for "death eater mask" I always think yours is a real molded kind of mask so i always click it xD
    If only i had patience and the stuff to make it with :/

    XD Crazy how that works. Really kind of cool that it comes off 3-D. Hope you find something that works for you.