I'll show you how to take any Youtube video or any video with a URL and convert and download to put it on your MP3.

Step 1: Start

Go to http://youtube.com/ and search for the video you wish to download.

Once you are there, highlight the URL.

Then copy the URL (address bar) of that web page.

Step 2: Conversion & Download

Start a new tab

Then go to http://vixy.net/

Paste the URL of the Youtube video in the space provided for it.

Then, with the URL pasted in the space above, click the drop-down arrow below and select
MP4 for iPod/PSP (MPEG4 + AAC)

Once you do that, click on Start and wait patiently for the video to convert.

Then after the conversion is complete, there will be a green title that says
"Download the Converted Video" -Click on it

Step 3: Transfer to Media Collection

Now that you've downloaded the Youtube video, it will probably appear on your desktop, or wherever you put the file.

Locate the File

Start a new folder on your computer (C Drive) and name whatever will help you remember it, (i.e.Youtube Videos) now put the Youtube video in that folder.

Now open up your Media Database for your MP3 ( i.e. iTunes, Zune, Rhapsody)

Add that folder you created earlier ( to your collection) by Creating a Playlist and adding it, or configuring your Settings, so that the video you downloaded is now in your media collection.

Step 4: MP3 Transfer

Now that you have the Youtube video in your media collection, plug in your MP3 player and open up your iTunes, Zune, Rhapsody, etc.

Locate the Youtube video.

Drag & Drop the video onto your MP3 player.

Wait for it to fully download.

Then your done.
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I did what you instructed. I was able to get the video, but could not get sound! Any ideas what I did wrong? Let me know. Thanks, ra
Hmm... is this legal? If it is I have to try it. :)
i tried jibjab on vixy and downloadyoutubevideos.com but it didn't work
you need something called a WM converter 2.0
Thanks for the sharing! I downloaded 2 videos, but it's a little hard. My Internet connection is not very good and it takes some time connecting to the server!
does it work for jibjab also?
Thanks for publishing. This tutorial looks good, but needs pictures to really shine on the site. What tends to happen is that instructables without pictures get lost in the crowd and don't see many hits. I've unpublished this instructable for now. Would you mind getting pictures of the process (if it's really difficult, you can find pictures that fit well enough on Google and use them) and resubmitting after you've edited them in?

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