I bought a IKEA Jonisk lamp to have in my living room, but when i powered the lamp up with a 60W bulb it become hot as ****. I started to figure out how to convert it to a LED-lamp instead.
I found a company that sells high powered LED modules (www.leds.de). I ordered 3 SEOUL P5 RGB LED that already was mounted on a PCB. For controlling the LEDs I choose a PIC16F628A and 3 TLE4242G constant current sources. After that I found a remote controlling kit laying around in a box, so I added it to the project. By controlling the current sources with a uP and PWM, I now can blend the lamp to almost any color I want. And it use much less power now and generates almost no heat.
This project was not supposed to be on Instructables.com from the beginning so there is a lack of photos in the instructable.

Step 1: What You Need

1 IKEA Jonisk
3 Seoul P5 RGB on PCB
3 TLE4242G
1 PIC16F628A
1 LM78L05
some SMD resistors and capacitors
a PCB designed by my self and produced with your favorite method
a sheet of copper, 1mm thick
RXF-4303D and TXF-4311R remote control kit ( I had on laying in my box of spare parts :) )
Power supply 12V 1A
Thermal grease
PIC programmer ( PICkit 2 )
Wires, nuts.......
Hi Lond, I too am somewhat confused. What is the difference between just using a standard LED &quot;mood&quot; bulb screwed into the original fixture, and the mod you are suggesting? Is the regular store-bought colored light not powerful enough? Or is it all about tweaking and modding yourself? <br>I should add that I really LOVE the end result of what you did, but sadly I'm definitely not a DIY person, so most of what you are saying is a lot of mumbo jumbo to me (e.g. I have no clue what a PCB is). So if I can reach a similar result without using any tools, that would be great. Otherwise, perhaps you can explain it to me in layman's terms? And then I will have to call a friend... :)<br>Thank you!
you could just use an led light bulb
Haven't found a led light bulb that are more powerful then my lamp.<br>With white colour and no diffuser it's brighter then a 100W light bulb. And I like to create and modify things, so just to change the bulb wasn't fun enough.
Thank you so much Lond. Now I finally opened it.
I'm interested! How far did you get with the instructable? Tell us more...
Great project!!<br>...but source code??<br><br>
The source code is constantly evolving, so when I learn something in a other project I update the source code for the lamp. The current code I use is for the updated lamp.
Please don't take this as criticism, as I do in fact quite like your final product, but there is something terribly wrong about the statement &quot;I update the source code for the lamp.&quot;
LOVE it ! <br /> <br /> i'm a big fan of the &quot;as is&quot; corner of Ikea &amp; are often drawn to their light fittings (missing a base or shade etc) to reuse with other found objects... <br /> <br /> i find LED/electronic assemblage abit too confusing...&nbsp;*are they're ready-made&nbsp;LED light fittings available?&nbsp;(like a pendant fitting with bayonet holder that you add your own shade to&nbsp;etc)<br /> <br /> thanks : )&nbsp;
There are indeed: <a href="http://www.thinkgeek.com/gadgets/lights/831e/ " rel="nofollow">http://www.thinkgeek.com/gadgets/lights/831e/ </a><br>
Nice cool project
I have been trying to open my Jonisk lamp. I'm concerned if I try to pull it off I'll break the polycarbonate. Does it twist or pull off?
Twist is the right way to open it.
I finally got it, thank you! It was really stuck--probably being on the floor for a year in my neighbor's house didn't help!
Really cool project, If i could only understand half of whats going on here :P any suggestions on were i should get started?
Or you can use this project as a starting point for a led light controlling project. The heart in the project are the 3 TLE4242G that controls the current to the led:s. TLE4242G is a current sours ic that can handle up to 42V and 500mA and be controlled by PWM from a µP or a 555.
What do you want to know? Controlling the led:s or anything else about the project?

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