Step 6: Install Floor

I decided to install the floor next because I needed a foundation with which I could screw into. Since I couldn't mess up the existing hardwood floors, I built an elevated floor structure using 2x4s. Cross beams were set 16" apart.

Getting the already-assembled frame to fit into the closet was difficult, to say the least. I had measured the closet's dimensions before installing the vapor barrier, so with the barrier already installed, I lost a few precious centimeters. Getting the frame in required some brute force, which unfortunately also tore up the barrier a bit. I fixed it with some tape, but perhaps next time I would install the floor first, then hang the barrier.

Once I had the frame in, I cut up the fiberglass insulation and made a floor using 3/4" thick plywood. I didn't care so much about the quality of the hardwood given that I was going to stain the floor later. Creating the floor was just a matter of placing the insulation inside the frame and screwing the plywood to the frame.
Nice write-up! If you want, you can create an intelligent humidifier system with a microcontroller like Arduino (& some sensors & a relay) or Raspberry Pi. you can set it to stay EXTREMELY close to optimal humidity, and even report to a web page.
<p>If he's doing all this, he needs a better wine cellar, no ? </p>
<p>This was awesome... thanks!</p>
Moisture on your insulation could be an issue.
<p>I'd really encourage this! You would be surprised what spaces you can have turned into your very own wine cellar. Theres a number of different storage solutions you can have a look at. Personally id say go for <a href="http://www.wineracks.co.uk/solid_oak_wine_racking.htm" rel="nofollow">oak wine racks</a> that can be custom built to slot perfectly into any space. </p>
I guess what I'm wondering is what your idea of short term storage is. Some wines are not intended to be aged, like the inexpensive Bogle, Barefoot, Little Penguin, etc. and other wines are made to be aged. This closet is no good for the latter. I love the DIY spirit and think this is a great liquor cabinet. I think you could have had fun with these <a href="http://www.stacksofracks.com/wine-cubes-s/115.htm">wine cubes</a> in that closet space. I consider these partial DIY wine racks as you can configure these in any way you choose.
I like your idea, good easy access to your wine. My brother would love you if i showed this to him (which i will), but... Like Slice_rulz said green board would've been the wisest choice. I'm surprise the people at home depot did not mention that to you. It's about twice the cost (depending your location) but saves you ALOT of problems for when you start to smell the mold and would have to take it down to change the drywall again and possibly the studs. To make things easier and cheaper you could've used XPS (rigid insulation) and tuck tape the edges. you get you insulation, vapour barrier, and you can Poly your moisture resitant drywall right onto it. you could get more R-value out of something alot thinner, AND it's way cheaper because you dont need your studs or the your other vapour barrier. (for reference, I worked at homedepot and studied in building science and moisture management) I love your idea, and will most likely do the same. Great work A++ BigAl
I just realized how much booze you have. I just finished making my first two bottles of mead and I just put them into a cabinet for now, but I definitely want to get something like you made up and running.
very nice work i would only suggest that you should have used green wallboard to prevent moisture from building up in the drywall. i would hate to see your hard work go to waste when the moisture goes into the walls and mold becomes a problem.
Looks like a bottle of absinthe at the top there? :)
That's crazy... ;)
Looks great! Are you going to paint the inside of the doors or put some light paneling on them to dress it up a bit?
Thanks everybody for the feedback. With respect to the door, I don't think paneling would work because of issues with bonding the panel to the insulation. So, I'll probably paint it or maybe I can find some decent wall paper.
that's a lot of wine. ...purchased from the gas station?
Excellent work. I'm not a wine drinker, but this has made me want to start. Way to go and thanks for sharing with us.
5 stars
Wow...I am seriously envying this. I converted a hall closet near my dry-bar into a liquor closet, but it just looks sad compared to yours! (I used those cheap wire-cube storage thingies you can get at Target, and some zippie-straps.). I really love what you did. Hadn't even considered the insulation factor, although I do store my wines in another area (which I am now considering insulating!). Genius, really. Thanks for posting this!
So, are you making your own wine yet? That is the only logical next step. Good work on the wine closet.
Looks like you did an awesome job!

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