Step 6: Install Floor

Picture of Install Floor
I decided to install the floor next because I needed a foundation with which I could screw into. Since I couldn't mess up the existing hardwood floors, I built an elevated floor structure using 2x4s. Cross beams were set 16" apart.

Getting the already-assembled frame to fit into the closet was difficult, to say the least. I had measured the closet's dimensions before installing the vapor barrier, so with the barrier already installed, I lost a few precious centimeters. Getting the frame in required some brute force, which unfortunately also tore up the barrier a bit. I fixed it with some tape, but perhaps next time I would install the floor first, then hang the barrier.

Once I had the frame in, I cut up the fiberglass insulation and made a floor using 3/4" thick plywood. I didn't care so much about the quality of the hardwood given that I was going to stain the floor later. Creating the floor was just a matter of placing the insulation inside the frame and screwing the plywood to the frame.