Introduction: How to Convert Redrum Beat to a Wave File

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This is how to convert your reason beat to a wave file you can use and even put on your ipod

Step 1: Copying Pattern to Track

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Right click on the redrum and select copy pattern to track

Step 2: Disable Pattern Button

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Disable pattern button on the redrum (so it's not lit up) the pattern button is different from the enable pattern section button

Step 3: Moving the "e" Cursor

Picture of Moving the "e" Cursor

Move your "e" cursor (in the song sequencer) from the end of the project to the end of your beat

Step 4: Export Song As Audio File

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Click on file and select export song as an audio file

Step 5: Save on Desktop

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Name and save the file on your desktop

Step 6: Set the Settings

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Set export audio settings to 44,100 hz and 16 bit then press ok

Step 7: Finished!

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Your file is now ready on your desktop for whatever you want to do with it


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