This is dragonblue80 and i'm going to teach you how to cook cereal.

Not to brag, but I am the BEST EVER at cooking cereal. I'll teach you to have somewhat of my skill at cooking cereal.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

First, you must gather the required materials.

- A Bowl (Required)
- A Spoon (Required)
- A Box of Cereal (Required)
- Milk (Optional)
- A Christian Heavy Metal CD (Required)
Wait, why do I need a christian heavy metal cd, what is it for? and what if I'm catholic instead of christian? also, What of I want more then 0.5 cm of cereal?<br />
&nbsp;I am a little confused my friend said that it&nbsp;doesn't&nbsp;really matter what comes first the&nbsp;cereal&nbsp;or the milk as long as i&nbsp;don't&nbsp;forget the bowl although in your instructable it says to pour the&nbsp;cereal&nbsp;in first can you please explain this to me?<br /> Also why is it so important to have the bowl before anything else plese explain this to me? thanks<br /> <br /> -9lucky<br />
Wow. Good job.
I can't get A Christian Heavy Metal CD and when do i use it?
LOL!!! I was doing it wrong..... jk

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