How to Cook Grasshoppers the Mexican Way





Introduction: How to Cook Grasshoppers the Mexican Way

This is my second instructable in less than a day, so I went back into my traditions and tried something really Mexican,

grasshoppers are really hard to get here in the US but if u try a Mexican store you might get lucky and score some grasshoppers (in the store, grasshoppers are already cooked, this is only the secret behind ancient cooking, and if one day you go to mexico you can go to the wilderness and catch some Chapulines (grasshoppers in spanish))

Step 1: Get Grasshoppers

if you are luckky and live in or close to a farm, you might see some grasshoppers just hopping around, some families in mexico take a couple of hours to get a good quantity for a dinner,

Step 2: Boil

know than you have the grasshoppers, you might wonder how to kill them (that sounds so cruel) well, you boild them like a lobster, when they are red they are ready ( this prosess doesnt take too long!!!!)

I do not heve picture of this because the grasshoppers I have where cook by my grandmother I apologize

Step 3: Marinate

Know that you have the boiled grasshoppers you need to marinate them in lemon juice with garlic and some salt, you can add as much of this ingridients as you want but for better results you should smash the garlic a little
this takes at least 1 hour

sorry no pics

Step 4: Saute Time

now take the grasshoppers and drain the lemon juice, but not too much, you need some to keep moisture while cooking now soute until you smell the ingrideints in the air, taste them ann keep shaking them until they have the taste you like the most be carefull not to burn them

soory no pics

Step 5: Enjoy
this is a traditional plate in mexico mostly in oaxaca, i have catch and cooked grasshoppers my self and it is not really hard 9 but I did it in mexico) well if you get some grasshoppers or you cook them your self you can eat with almost anything

now enjoy!!!!



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Are you supposed to eat the whole thing? Either I did it wrong, it got cold on me, or it was'nt that good.

That thing in your hand is a Mexican grasshopper? It sure looks different than a Albertan grasshopper.


I have had this with crickets, it works just as well.  Really, if you are squeamish about this just try it. Cooked in olive oil with lime and chili and served in a taco...they are amazing!

Thank you!  It's nice to hear about this from someone who knows the proper way to do it.  If anyone lives around the Houston, Tx area then you can find them at the downtown Spec's.  They're pre-cooked and taste pretty decent at $13 a jar.  (Call ahead, I've only found 1 out of 4 local Spec's that carries these)

You can also order really unique bug/snake/whatever food from (cobra whiskey, pizza flavored scorpion, etc)

and of course there's which has different flavored crickets, mealworms, and buggy candies.

Thanks again, I've always pan-fried, but now I'm excited to try boiling and marinating and seeing if that makes it better!

no all mexican people eat this lol and about the cowstomach is the same thing NOT ALL PEOPLE EAT THIS. only some wirdos and the american foreings hahaha

Really cool, but it is just a coincidence, because this grasshoppers and crickets are not the same , and this has been going on for centuries and not jus with grasshopper but with many other insect in mexico, Coincidence or not I love grasshoppers, next recepie cow intestines!!!! LOL

.. thye already have cow intestines, go to china XD i tried dog, sheepstomach, i refused on disgusting foods like: baby fetus and cow intestines P.S Shark fin soup is friggin delicious P.P.S:No im not chinese, im japanese

you con get the grasshopers at a pet store

They are delicious! try them in a taco (fresh warm tortilla) with guacamole or just avocato. Mexican chefs give them to eat cooking spice herbs one day before killing them. I also add extra lemon and soy sauce. If you find them give them a try. Glad you look for your traditions!