How to Cook a Chinese Dumpling!





Introduction: How to Cook a Chinese Dumpling!

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I cook the Chinese dumpling!

It is the meat juicy and tender.

Let's cook it!

Step 1: Prepare Cabbage

Use five pieces of cabbage.

Step 2: Diced

The cabbage need to be diced.

Step 3: Prepare a White Leek

Prepare a white leek.

Step 4: Diced, Too

The leek need to be diced, too.

Step 5: Prepare Ground Pork

Prepare ground pork.

Step 6: Season

Season with soy sauce, sesame oil.

Step 7: Mix

Mix it well.

Step 8: Like This

Like this!!

Step 9: Prepare Dumpling Skins

Wrap meat in dumpling skins.

Step 10: Wrap Meat

Wrap meat in dumpling skins.

Step 11: Like This

Finished preparing the Chinese dumpling for cooking.

Step 12: Fry

Fry it!!

Step 13: You Finished!!

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    After you added the sesame oil, you added something powdered, what was it? Thanks


    Take all my money! Gimee the dumplings in step 13!

    1 reply

    Wow!! Thank you!! ;)

    Nice dumpling.. Is it really finished just by fry the dumpling for this recipe? you don't put water or broth into the pan to steam the dumpling while it's fried? (I read and watch other people recipe, they add water to the pan when the dumplings fried)

    1 reply

    As you said, I steamed the dumpling!! I forgot to post the step!! Thank you :)

    Thank you for comment! It is delicious!

    It's about 7 dollars everything!! There are 40 dumplings in total.

    Sorry, i meant how many grams of meat, cabbage, etc i should use :)

    I thought wrong. I'm sorry, meat-300g, cabbage-5sheets, white leek-a piece!! (serving size: serves 2〜3)

    Yes!! It's gyoza:)

    Thank you for comment!! Glad you like it.

    But what about the dumpling skins ? I I gotta have it. Soo hungry

    5 replies

    Thank you for info!!

    You can make the dumpling skins yourself! The stuff are wheat flour and salt and water!

    You can buy those from any asian grocery store :) Check the freezer section, they're sometimes there

    Sometimes found at the end of the produce aisle, too.