How to Cook a Good and Easy Chocolate Cake�?

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Introduction: How to Cook a Good and Easy Chocolate Cake�?

Recipe of chocolate cake :

Use imperatives :

-3 eggs

-150g of sugar= 3 cups

-50g of flour= 1 cup

-100g of butter (to measure with scales)

-100g of chocolate

1)You will need a whisk, a large mixing and a little bowl and finally a cake pan, an over.

2)You will beat the eggs with the sugar and flour.

3)You will melt the butter and chocolate in your little bowl in the microwave.

4)After, you will mix the two bowls together.

5)You will put in a cake pan (a mould of fruit-cake preferably).

6) At last, you will put in your oven.

7)To bake for 20 minutes at 200°C and also 392 F°.

Advice: You will test with knife to know if the cake is cooked, it should come out.

8)To serve at room temperature and It will melt in your mouth…



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    The cake looks great, Victoria, and I think I could follow your directions. But more photos, and instructions divided into steps with at least one photo per step, would polish this up a lot more and make it more appealing to readers.