Today I am showing How to cook a steak perfectly. Which is the best way to cook restaurant-style steak,ribeyes steak, sirloin and also other steaks. Watch more steak recipe video at https://goo.gl/Xrndy9

You can do it at home so let's talk makes you go to start with the best that means American top-quality USDA 2% prime steak. I picked up this state from Chicago steak Company. I actually didn't know until recently that they carry American top-quality USDA 2% prime steak.These many the same supplies a stock the other major American changes.

Whatever here is a t-bone steak one in my favor cuts because it incorporates two different cuts of meat on this side you've got the tenderloin which is the granddaddy have tenderness very lean cut of meat and on the other side you got the sirloin or otherwise known as the new york cut.

little more marbles noticed end up but more flavor with the pieces me like this there's not a lot I like to do it just a little bit about oil. I used Chicago steak seasoning for more flavor. Good healthy sprinkling salt make sure that spread evenly on both sides and pepper very generous with your paper is well. I gonna to the steak in two phases,

1. I've got a grill pan on a medium to high heat.

2. preset my oven for 450 us run gonna finish it.

I don't need oil the grill pan because I'm good enough oil on my steak. That's sear you're hearing is the sound of flavor developing those charm marks on the outside.

The reason why me mistakes so open six with pan. Because you have a lead. its sear enough for you moved. So really let it sit there but those proteins caramelized bind to each other and not to the pan.

I've let that sit for about a minute and a half and now I'm gonna turn it 90 degrees just to get those lovely crosshatch marks.

Two minutes in total now I'm in turn it over. I have given that about two minutes per side. Now I'm gonna slide in my oven to 450 given about 4-5 minutes now. There that steak was in the oven for about five minutes and now I'm gonna let it rest for another five that is so important because redistribute the juices throughout the me and guarantee that is juiced. I'm gonna do to remove that tenderloin from the t-bone. Cooking on the bond guarantees it's beautiful and moist. Then I'm gonna remove the steak fully from t-bone.

This is my sirloin steak perfectly cooked medium rare to medium moist contender and my tenderloin beautiful pink in the middle.

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