How to Copy a CD Game on a Mac





Introduction: How to Copy a CD Game on a Mac

**Before you read: However you use this information is up to you, I am not responsible for any trouble caused to you because of this instructable. Period. Also the selling of copied games and/or CDs is illegal, so don't do it.

This instructable will show you how to copy any CD game (for PC or MAC) using terminal, all of this may seem a little complicated for those non-terminal-bashers (if you don't know what this is, its all good, you don't have to, I will explain later on).

Step 1: What You Will Need:

1: A game to copy (duh)

2: A blank CD to copy to

3: A mac computer or laptop with disk burning capabilities

Step 2: Insert the CD

What the title said...

Step 3: Open Terminal

Ok, for those not handy with the Unix operating language I will give you a quick run through of the basics. Ok, so first of all, all you know on a Mac is a lie, no not really, but kind of... All you see on the screen on the mac is what is called a GUI or Graphical User Interface, which makes everything look shiny and high tech when really, in the background there are thousands of commands running in the background making what happens in the GUI happen, Terminal is just an interface that lets you enter your own commands to interface the System, a few basic commands will let you effectively copy a CD game flawlessly.

To open terminal go to your Applications folder in finder, find the Utilities folder, and then find Terminal which is inside the Utilities folder. (Or do what I usually do: hit the apple key+the space button which opens a search window in the upper right hand corner on your screen then just type "Terminal" and it will pop up in the results list, just double click it and it opens.)

Oh and P.S. Don't worry about the color of your terminal window (the default is black and white) my green and black window is on custom settings.

Step 4: Copy the CD to Your Desktop

Ok, now comes the commands I was talking about so first of all, type in "df" in the window (without the apostrophes) and this will tell you which "Volumes" or mass info storages are "Mounted" or active on your computer, somwhere in that list it should say "/Volumes/YOURGAME" where YOURGAME is the game you are copying. so in the next line you type:

sudo cp -r -v /Volumes/YOURGAME ~/Desktop

For best results just copy and paste, then change YOURGAME to the actual name of the disk.

Before you press the enter key, let me explain what you are doing:
sudo -act as the superuser, because normal users cannot copy CD's or Volumes of any type

cp -r -v -cp means copy, and the two letters after it are flags, telling the command how to act, -r means recursively meaning to apply the action to a folder, not just a single file. And -v means verbose or list the files copied as they are copied.

/Volumes/YOURGAME -Specifies the directory or folder being copied

~/Desktop -Specifies where to copy the folder to

Now that I'm done explaining, copy and paste the command and hit enter, it will ask you for your password, this is because some bad things can be done with the power granted with root abilities, so apple Requires a password for all "sudo" or root commands in order that people cannot mess with the system.
THE LETTTERS IN THE PASSWORD WILL NOT APPEAR AS YOU TYPE THEM, just type your password and hit enter, you will begin to see a lot of text appear in the window, wait untill all of the files have copied, or else you will not be able to play your copied game, and we would not want that, would we.

Step 5: Write the Files to the CD

Now you need to eject the game CD and insert the blank CD. Drag and drop the folder that was copied to your desktop to the CD, then double click the blank CD, a window will open, click the button that says "burn CD", burning will begin, when it is done, you have an exact copy of your game! Thank you for Viewing My Instructable, I hope you enjoyed.

P.S. Sometimes you have to use a DVD to copy the game if it is a large game data wise.



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    i did it and all that happened after it finished burning was open up finder. Did i do something wrong?

    hey I am having the same problem as you i was wondering if you ever fixed or found another way to do it- Thanks

    Does this damage the original disc at all?

     I am copying the name of the game (Battlefield 2142) but it says "no such file or directory" what do i do?

    Type: Battlefield\ 2142

    Since there is a space inbetween Battlefield and 2142 (haha 42, hitchiker's guide reference aaaanyways) you need to add a back-slash inbetween the two names like this: /Volumes/Battlefield\ 2142

    Yea, how do you make this work when the volume has spaces in the name???? Terminal takes the space as an end to the command...

    I had some trouble with that when I was learning terminal too. Spaces are represented with a back-slash after the word with a space. For example: Copy This Cd.dmg would be Copy\ This\ Cd.dmg

    yep, but make sure it is backslash not forward slash otherwise it would think of it as a file path

    how do you know when all the files have copied.