You will need:


External Drive



Step 1: Turn on TV and PS4

Step 2: Insert External Drive

There are 2 USB ports on the front of the PS4

Step 3: In the Main Menu, Go to "Settings"

Step 4: Click on "Application Saved Data Management"

Step 5: Select "Saved Data in System Storage"

Step 6: Select "Copy to USB Storage Device"

Step 7: Select Game to Copy

Step 8: Wait Until Transfer Is Complete

Repeat steps 4-8 for multiple games

Step 9: Remove External Drive

<p>I need help from you to turn PlayStation</p><p>Cylinders to Hard and explain how to copy games on Hard</p>
I want tu copy a game from cd to ps4 <br>Ananyone here please help me
<p>I don't have psn, but it requires a psn account. I wish to know how to do this without an account. I don't see why I would need psn for an operation from system to storage device. It would make sense to require psn from system to cloud, but not system to sub.if anyone can find a way way to do this it would be GREATLY appreciated</p>
<p>I meant usb not sub, but autocorrect doesn't recognize usb I guess I should capitalize it USB</p>
<p>I have copied a save to USB Storage Device but, when I connect it in another PS4, it says that does not exist any files into USB :/</p>
It's because it can be used only in the same ps4 and in the same user only.
<p>What if you copy it over to another ps4, but then add your account on thier ps4? Would the game be able to run?</p>
good to know. im about to upgrade my hard drive!
<p>Trying not to be a buzzkill, but what use would you have for this? I know that you can't share savegames with other players/users, so I could only see this as a backup method? :) (Smiley for better mood ;) )</p>
It is usefull if you are changing the internal hard-drive
<p>Thanks for sharing!</p>

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