Introduction: How to Core an Apple (the Fun Way!)

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Core an apple and make apple rings with just a knife. I have used apple corers in the past but they never seem to cut correctly, either leaving some of the core and seeds, or taking too much apple with it. This way you can get maximum appleage without any of the seeds.

Step 1: You Will Need: 1 Apple and a Knife

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I like to use Golden Delicious apples as they have that wonderful SNAP and crispness. Use a knife with a rounded edge, not a pointed one like a steak knife.

Step 2: Slit the Apple in Half.

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Slit the apple through to the core, but not through the core, all the way around.

Step 3: Give It a Twist.

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Of course, you could just slice it all the way through, but it is infinitely more pleasurable to just give it a twist and hear that delightful crack as it snaps apart. (The core should have been intact.)

Step 4: Cut the Core at an Angle.

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Insert the knife at an angle towards the center. Just push at an angle down, do not slice. If you go straight down, the core will be more difficult to pop out (and you waste that much more apple!) The exit should be just outside the core center or stem on the other side.

Step 5: Continue All the Way Around.

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Make six or seven vertical slices until you come around to meet the first one again. It should look somewhat like a hexagon. At this point the core may come out or...

Step 6: Turn the Half Over and Pop Out the Core.

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Do the same for the other half.

Step 7: Enjoy!!

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Either eat as apple rings, or fill with your favorite filling. Peanut butter works real well.


timoftheshire (author)2011-05-21

The easiest way to core an apple ever: slice it in half vertically and use a spoon to scoop out around the core.

I'm munchin' while everyone else is still sawin'.

This also saves the maximum amount of apple for consumption. Unless you just eat the core, of course. But that's just weird.

Or... You could just get an apple corer?

Berkana (author)timoftheshire2011-09-24

Even better than using a spoon is to use a mellon baller, and balling out the little hemisphere of apple core. The mellon baller makes a really clean cut compared to the spoon.

Megan8 (author)2009-09-14

This is wonderful!! Thank you for showing this safe and easy way to core an apple.

cesariscool (author)2008-02-21

This is loads of help!

pluish (author)2006-07-30

you make nice, simple, funny instructables, and even i can follow them!

implaxis (author)pluish2006-09-15

Well... Thanks!! Simple is the key! A tlittle humor don't hurt either...!

wiml (author)2006-05-14

Heh ... I discovered a similar technique myself a while back, slicing apples for pie. It's amazing how much easier it is to get more apple-flesh this way than the "usual" way.

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