Step 3: Chisenbop (formerly "Kabukistar Method I")

Picture of Chisenbop (formerly
Chisenbop was called "Kabukistar Method I" on here, until I was informed that it's already called Chisenbop, so I changed it accordingly.
This one is my favourite method, and the one I use in every-day life.

Range: 0 through 99
Pros: Easy to do, easy to tell where you're at by looking at your hands, and easy to directly input a larger number.
Cons: Only 99, but that's still pretty good for most uses.

Ok, the basic idea for this one is that you use your left hand to count the numbers in the "ones" column of the number, and use your right hand to count the "tens" column of the number. So, on your left hand, you can count from 0-9, and on your right hand, you count from 0-90 (in tens).

Alright, to start use your non-thumb fingers on your left hand to count from 1 to 4. To hit 5, put your left thumb up, and all the other fingers down, then, you can use the non-thumb fingers again, to fount from 6 to 9.

On your right hand, each finger is worth 10X what is is on your left hand, so, to reach 10, you just put a finger up on your right hand then use your left hand in the same manor, to count up to 19, at which point you put another finger up on your right hand, for 20.
You can keep doing this until you have all your fingers up, worth 9 on your left hand and 90 on your right hang, totally 99.