Picture of How to cover up blemishes and apply makeup
have u ever hated those pesky blemishes? WELL I DO!
 so here's a way to cover them up

you will need:
  • Perfection Primer
  • Cover up
  • face powder
  • lip gloss/lip stick
  • eyeliner/ liquid eyeliner
  • mascara
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Step 1:

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Step 2:

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first you apply the primer to your  blemishes

Step 3:

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now u cover that up with your cover up and face powder.

Step 4:

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now add liquid eyeliner on your top lid and pencil on the bottom

Step 5:

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now mascara

Step 6:

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now the lipstick or lipgloss your choice

Step 7:

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an ta da!! cant see blemish and You look pretty =D
TN7773 years ago
My road is so bumpy, if you tried to put on your makeup in a car or bus you would look like someone out of a slasher movie with lipstick all over your face, eyeliner on your forehead, blush on your eyelids and eyeshadow on your chin. So Scary!
Kerushii (author) 3 years ago
Well thank you! lol
lemonie3 years ago
You actually look better without this stuff on your face, but anyway, I see people applying make-up (including delicate-eye stuff) on buses - that's a skilled-job because my roads are full of bends and hazards.