A Romantic Touch to a Wedding - Gel Candles Centerpiece

What's a wedding without a romantic touch! No wedding can be complete without a glow of romance in the air. Candles can transform a simple meal into a Romantic Candle light dinner. Although it is the era of electricity but no one can deny the beauty of Candles.

In this instructable, I am sharing a simple, creative and yet quite inexpensive way to change a simple wedding arrangement into a Romantic one. I am going to display a centerpiece that can be arranged for Guests' tables, Dinner Table or Stage Table for Bride and Groom. It can be used in Western weddings or in Traditional Eastern Weddings at night-time or some closed venue.

Step 1: Things You Will Need:

For Candles

Empty Aluminium Cans (longer ones)
Gel Wax
Simple Candle Wax
Candle Wick
Candle Scent
Gems in different colors
Bowls for heating the wax
Spoon for stirring the wax
Square/Rectangular tray
Knife for cutting the wax

For Centerpiece

Pearls and Beads in different colors
Glitter in different colors
Some colorful Stones
A Large Glass Dish for each table (Round/Square)
Small Glass Bowls (2) for each table or more
Simple Small Flowers like Vinca or Rose Petals

For Table

Table Cloth Dyed in Different Colors (Larger than the table)
Black Silk Fabric (Cut in Strip)
Red Fabric Square piece (Larger than the Glass Bowl)

and ofcourse Water for floating the candles!
I filled the can with melted gel wax. It lights longer than traditional wax so doesnt melt quickly. Its just a showpiece now at my home :)
I LOVE the soft, warm, yellow glow of the lit candles! I realize you posted this Instructable eons ago, but in the off-chance you still keep up with this project, I have a question for you: How do you make the Long Candle (center candle) glow through the aluminum of the can to which the jewels are glued?

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