I imagine that just about anyone who's heard of a nerd has heard of Dungeons and Dragons, and while some may be able to enjoy the game, there are some minor problems that some people have when trying to play. For example, if you're religious you've probably seen or heard horrible stories about the game and its "Satanic ways". Maybe you just can't find a D&D set in the stores or your parents won't buy you one online. Whatever your problem may be with the game I can help you with creating your own D&D style game.
    A warning to you all, this is not something for someone who just wants to "copy and paste" the idea to play the game, it involves your own inventive minds and preferences to fill in the blanks with your options (though I will give you my "religion approved" version for project examples). So if you're not scared of this monstrous task (sorry for the bad pun) let's get this project rolling.

(Note to all hard core D&D fans out there: I realize I haven't played a game of D&D and I figure it may take me a while to get all angles covered or concepts of the game correct, so if you have any helpful advice or corrections please let me know.)
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working on one of my own but find it hard to have the time to actually complete the system, which would be exclusive to this gaming style. would cater to all types of gamers, but will take hours to finish, if there are any ideas out there please don't hesitate to message me. BTW it's a pokemon style campaign, since it's got a large fandom and i actually enjoy playing on tabletop.

patron_zero6 months ago

What I've done for use in my tabletop miniature & RPGs has been to make a 'cover' board from artcore or foamcore board material, either work well with dry-erase type markers and protect furniture from any mishaps.

Also having large sized (24"x36" or 36"x60") blank graph paper or hex maps laminated are a good gaming investment in general.

knalcarr1 year ago
This has been very helpful to me, because the Dice part on creating a D&D style tabletop game was going to be the hard part.