I decided to post a product that I have wanted to produce for a while now however do to the lack of a 3D printer that I could use I have yet to make.  As with any prototyping project I am sure during the making process I will find improvements to make.  However this is what I have at this time.  Since this is entered into a contest I have made the project open source as posted the design files online.  I hope this instructible inspires others to create something new with their 3d printer.

Step 1: What This Product Does.

This is a tool to level a mower deck.  I came up with the idea for it a few years ago when I thought that leveling a deck took way too long.  The current method can take well over an hour on a commercial deck with 4 adjustment locations to get the height gage and level correct due to having to check each side multiple times.  I have posted a video on how to do a consumer unit with 2 adjustments for simplicity.  A higher quality mower will be more complicated to adjust however give you a higher quality of cut.

As you might notice on the video they only show you measuring the side with the mower chute.  This is no accident as the other side is almost impossible to read a ruler on due to the fact that the deck obstructs your view.  The current product for this purpose is a deck leveling gauge.  This is the product I looked into as to the feasibility of producing my leveling gauge.
you could get this printed if you add it here: <br />https://www.instructables.com/group/free3d <br />looks like a cool project, do you know how accurate it is?
I have applied to have it added to the free print group however it is larger then the prints that they allow you to get. Also with the 2.0 version it would require a few parts. I will post that if I get it done in time for the contest. <br> <br>As for how accurate it is I have used a line level for a 40 foot deck with perfect accuracy so it should be more accurate then the current system.

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