Introduction: How to Create a MS-DOS 6.22 VMWare Image?

Picture of How to Create a MS-DOS 6.22 VMWare Image?

MS-DOS is... I wouldn't talk, It's too long story
So let's get started!
You need:
Windows, Mac OS or Linux(Linux has VMWare too)
Intel VT or AMD VT technology in your processor(required)
(don't worry, all new laptops and computers have it)
VMWare Player or another version(VirtualBox will not work,because MS-DOS floppies are unknown for it)
MS-DOS 3x floppy installers: <-- All disk images are original(imma pirate ;))


Norton Commander v5.51 installers



EDIT: I fixed Norton Commander links, sorry :P

Maybe Administrator rights
If you ask, yes, this is my dropbox with my files in that picture

Step 1: Creating a Virtual Machine

Picture of Creating a Virtual Machine

Create new machine and set type to other -> DOS
You can see settings on picture, except floppy
If you're a blind, read configuration:
32MB memory
Processor:same ### NB! Turn off binary translation! or your computer temperature will rise! ###
1GB Hard disk SCSI
CD\DVD: auto detect
Floppy: Use MS-DOS 6.22 1#
network: NAT
sound: same
display: same

Step 2: Starting MS-DOS...

Picture of Starting MS-DOS...

I remind you set floppy drive to "Connected at power on" to boot
Installation is easy. If you have fast computer, installation(and maybe games,programs what you want to run) will be fast(and too fast).
If it asks floppy 2#(or 3#), press Ctrl+Alt and Right-click floppy. Click settings and browse for Disk 2#(or 3#)
Save settings(click OK) and continue
If you want to use Norton Commander(NC), do that same thing again

Step 3: Drivers and More!

Picture of Drivers and More!

Now, you have to install mouse driver
CD-ROM:  #instructions are in archive file
How to install them?
download this boot disk:
and boot it
use Folder2Iso :  #or google it
Create folder like "CD-rom" and put cutemouse and stuff to it
open Folder2Iso and make iso from that folder
Open created ISO as vmware cd-rom
go to your virtual machine, what is booted from boot disk
Type R: and copy things to c:\dos
Add those lines,what are in instructions to Config.sys and Autoexec.bat
Disconnect floppy
Now reboot your VM(Virtual Machine -> Send Ctrl+Alt+Del)
Now you have working CD-ROM drive

Step 4: AND ONE SUPRISE...:)

Picture of AND ONE SUPRISE...:)

If you maked VM with my instructions: TROLLLLOLOLOL :D
It's correct VM, but you can download it here:
It has same things, what my instructions will say, but with Games:
Commander Keen 7 Demo
Supaplex SpeedFix
Stunts with crack
Some Ninja game
Good Using


snoop911 (author)2016-02-21

There's a dos 6.22 iso image at AllBootDisks.. would the installation procedure be the same? Modifying the .iso to add my own files and compilers (using MagicISO or PowerISO), but what about getting (generated) files out of the DOS machine?

Any thoughts on using virtualbox... easier/harder to setup and/or copy files in and out?

Or using ready made dos virtual machines (like from GetIntoPc) or Freedos

gvalderr (author)2016-01-23

If you use a Mac with OSX and want to create an iso file, you can use the following instructions from MATT BERTHER:

gvalderr (author)2016-01-23

If you use a Mac with OSX and want to create an iso file, you can use the following instructions from MATT BERTHER:

Loughlan made it! (author)2014-04-22

Here are the screenshots of it working (have added networking)

asteng88 (author)Loughlan2014-07-18

Hi Loughlan,

I wonder if you can help me. I have my WFWG disks from my old Gateway 2k computer I purchased in the 90's. My Disk 6 is corrupt and will not read. Can you help me out with Disk 6?

mikroskeem (author)asteng882015-04-18 here you are :) Zip file what contains Disk 6 (and other disks, in case they won't read too)

mikroskeem (author)Loughlan2014-07-19

Wow dude how the hell did you get networking!? That's nice!

I remember when I tried to get networking on Win3.1 under CVS-DosBox

mikroskeem (author)2014-07-19

If anyone is interested, I found bunch of utilities and drivers for Win3.1. I found alse WFWG! Dropbox link(I think I never delete those):

asteng88 (author)2014-07-18


Awesome post. one problem, disks 2 and 3 for Norton Commander are the DOS disks 2 and 3 images. Any chance you can correct this. Also I have Laplink 4 if your interested.

Loughlan (author)2014-04-21

Nice work! Great one!

Only issues, Files for the 2nd and 3rd Norton commander disk seem to be the DOS installers.

Also instructions as to how to add mouse support from cutemouse not clear. Couldn't get mouse working

Would love to get Windows 3.1 instructions as an additonal.

mikroskeem (author)Loughlan2014-04-22

run "ctmouse" command. It should work if you copied it into c:\DOS
Win3.1 tutorital is coming soon :)

Loughlan (author)mikroskeem2014-04-22

Got mouse working already, copied and added to autoexec.

Have also added win3.11 (with networking)
Drivers for vmware thanks to

Loughlan (author)Loughlan2014-04-22

Once again, thanks dude.

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