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Hello!! Today i show you how to make a Minecraft server
Really my english isn't good, so you may misunderstand or something :P
I have Minecraft server, but it's 
First things that you need:
   - Host! (VPS, Home computer, etc)
   - Any OS with Java support
if virtual server(VPS):
   - Some Linux skills
   - KiTTY  (better version of PuTTY) or ssh in your local computer
   - OR CygWin with ssh(It's better than any ssh client so far and it supports any character that linux can support)
System requirements:
- 1 GB of RAM*
- at least i686(lol?) CPU(all new computers have it)
- 500MB HDD space
- good network connection(5+ mbps)
*I assume you have 10 slots and 3-5 non-heavy plugins(Essentials, Dynmap... are heavy), but you can run even on a 512MB w/o plugins
- 2+ GB of RAM
- at least 2+ GHz CPU with 2 cores
- 1 - 5 GB HDD space(If you do like have multiple worlds and backups of them)
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Step 1: Downloading server: Flavours

Picture of Downloading server: Flavours
There are 4 kinds of servers:
- Vanilla( aka Original from minecraft.net)
- Bukkit (look bukkit.org )
- Spigot (fork of Bukkit, optimized for speed, http://www.spigotmc.org/ )
- Canary
- C++ server(look www.mc-server.org)
Vanilla is unmodifyed server
Bukkit has it's own API and tons of plugins(most popular)
Canary... idk i never used it :D
C++ server is lighter and hard to use

We choose Spigot
So make a empty directory and download server from here: http://ci.md-5.net/job/Spigot/

Step 2: Checking version

Picture of Checking version
If you've got Minecraft version (example) 1.5.2 and server that you've downloaded is 1.4.7, this means that you downlaoded reccomended build and it's out of date.
What should i do?
try those adresses: cbukk.it/craftbukkit-beta.jar or cbukk.it/craftbukkit-dev.jar
Still out of date
wait :) i did that way

Note: Vanilla isn't never out of date
Note 2: Spigot releases his build of server before bukkit
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