Hello!! Today i show you how to make a Minecraft server
Really my english isn't good, so you may misunderstand or something :P
I have Minecraft server, but it's 
First things that you need:
   - Host! (VPS, Home computer, etc)
   - Any OS with Java support
if virtual server(VPS):
   - Some Linux skills
   - KiTTY  (better version of PuTTY) or ssh in your local computer
   - OR CygWin with ssh(It's better than any ssh client so far and it supports any character that linux can support)
System requirements:
- 1 GB of RAM*
- at least i686(lol?) CPU(all new computers have it)
- 500MB HDD space
- good network connection(5+ mbps)
*I assume you have 10 slots and 3-5 non-heavy plugins(Essentials, Dynmap... are heavy), but you can run even on a 512MB w/o plugins
- 2+ GB of RAM
- at least 2+ GHz CPU with 2 cores
- 1 - 5 GB HDD space(If you do like have multiple worlds and backups of them)
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Step 1: Downloading server: Flavours

There are 4 kinds of servers:
- Vanilla( aka Original from
- Bukkit (look )
- Spigot (fork of Bukkit, optimized for speed, )
- Canary
- C++ server(look
Vanilla is unmodifyed server
Bukkit has it's own API and tons of plugins(most popular)
Canary... idk i never used it :D
C++ server is lighter and hard to use

We choose Spigot
So make a empty directory and download server from here:

Step 2: Checking version

If you've got Minecraft version (example) 1.5.2 and server that you've downloaded is 1.4.7, this means that you downlaoded reccomended build and it's out of date.
What should i do?
try those adresses: or
Still out of date
wait :) i did that way

Note: Vanilla isn't never out of date
Note 2: Spigot releases his build of server before bukkit
Liam1235528 days ago

it does not make any sens

Cyberdalek4 months ago

Language, dude