Step 4: Making Slinky Coils and a Slinky Tail

The slinky body and tail were last and also extremely hard to create. I used hollow tubing and painted them metallic silver to mimic the slinky look. I took an immense amount of thin wire and thread it through the tubes and into the body in order for them to stay in place. Thicker wire was used for the tail so it would “boing” like a real slinky!I had to leave a good amount of gap at the bottom of the slinky body so I could actually get in and out of the costume. I barely got it to work but after several tries I was successful!

In order to create the slinky body you have to take each half of Slinky and use thin wire to hold them together however far apart works best for you body type. To do this use an exacto knife to cut holes in the middles of the halves and run the wire through one half to the other half and attaching them. I did this in about four places to balance the weight out. The take the tubing and tie it to the top half of the body, take measurements to see where each slinky ring should lay and mark it up with a sharpie. Then cut holes through each ring with the exacto and string wires through all of these consecutively. Do not attach the slinky rings to the bottom except in one single spot. This allows for the wearer to pull the slinky rings up in order to crawl into the costume.

The tail is done in the same fashion except using thicker wire to mold the tail and to get it to bounce back and forth. Also use a paper mache, painted bowl as the base. Just glue it onto the bottom half in the back with hot glue and attach the wires from that point. Keep twisting the wires until the end and use a paper mache oval like ball as the final tip of Slinky's tail! Paint it dark brown and also make sure to paint any wires that were not originally silver so it all looks cohesive.
That is beyond creative!!!<br>
So absolutely incredible! Amazing. :)
Since you are a fellow Toy Story character, I had to comment. You did an outstanding job on Slinky Dog. <br> <br>I went as one of the toy green army men last year. Hope you can make Toy Story a two year in a row contest winner. <br> <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Toy-Green-Army-Man-Halloween-Costume/
funny and lovely
OMG if you do Kevin next year I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!!!!!<br>ps. this slinky dog costume is so baller. if you re-use it I'll go as the piggy bank. :D
VERY WELL DONE!<br><br>;D<br><br>Hope you win! *votes*
Aaaamazingg!! Kaleena you are so talented! If anyone deserves to win this contest it is you!
HEY girl! thank you so so so much! i miss you! please catch me up soon!
Awesome job! Very cool costume! Slinky dog is one of my favorite characters=) This looks just like him! I feel like I went to disney land!
:) :) :) :) :) &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3
Thank you very much! I hope to do more great projects like this one! love ya!
This costume's great!<br><br>Unfortunately the front page pics are square, and your title image is a rectangle so it crops your title image reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaally badly.<br><br>Attached is a square version of one of your first step images. Hope you'll agree it'll look much more appealing on the front page.<br><br>J<br><br>
well i changed the picture to the square one but i did not change for the contest :( o well...if you know of any other way let me know thanks!<br>
Yup, it's changed at the top of the page now. The home page and contest page will pick up the change in an hour or so and then you'll see the right picture there too.
Thanks alot!! ill post it! i didnt know exactly how to fix it but seems you handled that one for me! Much appreciated :)
GREAT job!<br>Next years??
thanks! as for next year i think it will be a toss up between a few characters..but im interested in Toothless the dragon from How to Train Your Dragon! or Kevin the crazy bird from UP! :)

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