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Here's an instructable on a neat table lift from Firgelli Automations. I hope you all find this interesting and helpful! The table lift line has been around five months now and has attracted a very excited and enthusiastic following. Thanks to the table lift system clients who have jobs which involve standing up much of the time, or people with back conditions have found solutions to their everyday needs. In the last study done, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome was the number one cause of work related injury in the US, and contributed to approximately 23 sick days /year on average, costing over two billion dollars. The main cause of this was that people were improperly using their computers due to desk heights that do not adapt to the individual.

If you work long days drawing, writing, or using a computer, then this lift is for you and your health!

Step 1: Step 1: Choosing a table

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This is the easiest part. Most people will want to convert their already existing table that they are comfortable using, however there is sometimes a bit of uncertainty whether it will be compatible or not. Nearly all tables will be compatible so long as they are not extremely heavy and are just a desktop, and preferably with legs that are easily removed, as this will be a later step.

For this how to, we are using a large desk from IKEA. As you can see it is nothing special, however it was easy to disassemble and we could remove the legs with a phillips screwdriver in minutes.

Be sure when you select your table that you choose one that will hold a screw, you will have a difficult time getting a particle board table to accept a screw.

ikeaengineer made it!8 months ago

Easy project. i converted my current office desk into a motorized unit using the Firgelli Desk lift mechanism

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Nice I've seen hand crank table lifts, but an electrical one would be so much easier!